Billie Eilish Shows Off New Short Haircut On Instagram

Few women in the world enjoy the popularity that Billie Eilish gets today. She is literally giving the Queen of England a lot of competition as far as popularity is concerned.

No wonder the world stops and pays attention when the youthful celebrity changes her hair. Being such an important part of pop culture, that’s to be expected.

That’s why the internet went into a frenzy when she decided to share a photo showing off her new short hairstyle on Instagram.

Since Her Entry Into The Music Industry In 2019, Billie Eilish Has Been Incredibly Popular

Her hair has been one of her most identifiable features. Billie Eilish has stood out for her dark brown hair and lime green roots.

She also liked baggy clothes, which are clearly a symbol of rebellion against the norms that define her gender.

Billie Eilish Has Been Making Some Changes To Her Personal Style

Billie Eilish Shows Off New Short Haircut On Instagram

Fans are obviously crazy about the personal changes Billie has been making. So, the internet went crazy when she introduced her blonde hair a while back.

You have to wonder how someone can look so great in both light and dark hair. Clearly, the 19-year-old is in a league of her own.

After Dyeing Her Hair, She Trimmed It And Ended Up With A Really Cute Look

Billie Eilish Shows Off New Short Haircut On Instagram

Some time ago, Billie cut her hair to shoulder length, and it looked amazing.

Clearly, she has taken things further and trimmed her hair to give it an even more prominent chop. What’s truly amazing is that fans are totally in love with her new style.

She Showed Off Her Hair, But It Was A Few Inches Shorter

Billie Eilish Shows Off New Short Haircut On Instagram

She made the revelation using a chic selfie.

In just under 24 hours since posting the picture, she had already amassed a mind-blowing 4 million likes. She also set in motion a debate on whether ladies should be trimming their hair or not.

So, what do you think of Billie Eilish’s latest move? Do you think this is the perfect look for her?