Billie Eilish Reveals The Po*n Genre That "Destroyed Her Brain"

Billie Eilish Reveals The Porn Genre That "destroyed Her Brain"

Billie Eilish talked to Howard Stern, and the pop musician revealed how bad her Covid battle was, as well as her intriguing relationship with adult movies.

Eilish Had Covid During This Summer

Billie's Covid experience was horrible.

She battled the virus for two months during this past summer, though she did not reveal it to anyone. She also believes that the fact that she was vaccinated saver her:

She said:

"I mean, I didn't die, and I wasn't gonna die, but that does not take away from how miserable it was. I mean, it was terrible. I still have side effects. I was sick for, like, two months almost. This was in August, a couple of months ago."

When Stern pointed out that she was vaccinated, Billie replied:

"I want it to be clear that it is because of the vaccine that I'm fine. I think if I weren't vaccinated, I would have died because it was bad. When I say it was bad, I more just mean that it felt horrible. But really, in the scheme of COVID, it was not bad. You know what I mean? When you're sick, you feel f**king horrible."

Luckily, Eilish is all good now, so the couple continued talking about other topics.

Eilish Thinks Adult Movies Destroyed Her Brain

Billie revealed she started watching adult movies when she was 11.

The singer/songwriter claims it "destroyed her brain."

"I think porn is a disgrace. I used to watch a lot of porn, to be honest. I started watching porn when I was, like, 11."

She pointed out that she started watching adult movies to feel like one of the guys, accepted by others.

Eilish added:

"I think it really destroyed my brain, and I feel incredibly devastated that I was exposed to so much porn."

The Grammy winner explained that she had nightmares and sleep paralysis thanks to the amount of BDSM she watched as a preteen.

It created more issues when it came to her first time:

"The first few times I, you know, had sex, I was not saying no to things that were not good. It was because I thought that's what I was supposed to be attracted to."

She pointed out just how unrealistic expectations she was left with at such a tender age. There is no denying that the musician was left confused since, as she pointed out, female bodies do not look like the ones in the adult movies. Though that was just a part of the problem.

Do you agree with Billie on the adult entertainment issue, especially with the BDSM?