Billie Eilish Flaunts Legs In High Heels, Hot Pants, And Fishnets


Singer Billie Eilish posted a picture on Instagram that had her fans all excited. In the photo, Billie was wearing shorts and high heels, and it made her followers go gaga.

She posed for the camera wearing camouflage shorts and black fishnet stockings.

The star wore Converse-style shoes with high stiletto heels and added black knee pads. Billie was leaning in a studio with white walls, and it seemed she had a sheer white shirt on.

In the caption, she wrote, "Old & new," and her fans quickly shared their thoughts on the very suggestive picture in the comments.

One jokingly wondered if the singer was "trying to give her fans a heart attack" while someone else claimed they had "forgotten how to breathe".

Another commented: "First and last slide got me drooling."

A fan wrote: "One second, let me just recollect myself [real quick]," as other admirers stated that they love her.

Other comments expressed how fans were "obsessed" by her look, how they were "drooling" over her selfies, and one individual went as far as to say they were "breathless."

Billie also shared a photo taken from above, where she gently cradled her face in her hands with her eyes closed.

She snapped the selfie seemingly makeup-free, revealing her bold new hairdo featuring vibrant red roots and dark black lengths.

Billie adorned herself with multiple silver chain necklaces, and she wore a white Nike basketball jersey over a black long-sleeve t-shirt for a layered look.

In her third picture, the singer got up close and personal, hiding her mouth with her hands while her bangs veiled her eyes.

She included several additional images in her post, such as a drawing of a mouth, a pink Vivienne Westwood handbag, and a picture of herself wearing a pink shirt with a vibrant pink tie for the Barbie premiere.

This post followed Billie's earlier tease, where she shared some apparently topless snapshots from a bathroom photoshoot, leaving fans intrigued.

Eilish seemed to be dressed in minimal attire as she sported a pout and struck a pose with her head tilted to the side.