Bill Burr Says Johnny Depp Deserves Public Apologies If Amber Heard Loses Trial

Bill Burr Says Johnny Depp Deserves Public Apologies If Amber Heard Loses Trial

During his most recent Monday Morning Podcast episode, Bill Burr has shown his full support for Johnny Depp as his defamation trial against Amber Heard continues.

The trial began on April 11, and Depp claims that Heard dishonestly alleged he was abusive towards her during their marriage. She made the allegations in an op-ed she wrote for The Washington Post.

For this reason, the Pirates of the Caribbean actor is demanding $50 million from Heard for defaming him.

Burr is among those who believe Amber lied about being abused by Johnny. He said in his podcast that he was "too big a Johnny Depp fan" to even follow the case because he doesn't want to listen to "all these personal details and shit."

However, his concern was whether the people who showed their support towards Amber after she lied about Depp would apologize to the actor.

Bill Burr took note of the fact that people had "publicly trashed" Depp. That is why he thinks "it would be nice" if these people made a public apology to Depp and agreed that they were wrong to jump to conclusions about him without hearing his side of the story.

He has also noted that the pendulum "does not seem to swing the other way." He was surprised that women's groups that should react to situations like this are doing nothing, yet the kind of obvious lies Amber told about Depp hurt women who are suffering abuse.

Burr is among celebrities who publicly showed their support for Depp during the ongoing trial.

Last month, Howard Stern sparked widespread outrage after criticizing Depp for "overreacting" while giving his testimony against Amber.

Recently, Drew Barrymore has had to make an apology after offending Depp's fans by calling the trial a "seven-layer-dip of insanity."