Big Crocodile, Said To Have Eaten 300 Folks, Gets Away In Wild Video


Crocodiles are super tough animals, and there's this huge one that's about six meters long, weighing nearly a ton, that people have been trying to catch, but he keeps getting away.

This crocodile's name is Gustave, and he's famous in Burundi, where he lives. They say he's about 20 feet long and almost weighs a ton.

Some people thought he died in 2019, but no one's found a body or has pictures to show it. A lot of folks think he's the biggest crocodile in all of Africa.


Marc Gansuana, a crocodile expert, told Newsweek that no one knows for sure if he's dead because his home area is really big, covering pretty much all of Lake Tanganyika.

People living near Lake Tanganyika are scared, not knowing if he's still out there. Just thinking about him scares them away from the lake.

People think he was born around 1955, and rumors say he might have eaten between 200-300 people. Over the years, many have tried to catch this old croc.


If you ever get close to him (though that's risky!), he's got scars from at least three bullets because people have tried to get him before and missed.


People have tried many times to capture the croc, but none of the plans worked. There's a 2004 TV show called Capturing the Killer Croc that showed one of these failed tries.

A guy from France named Patrice Faye and his team tried a big plan. They set up a huge trap with food inside, hoping to catch Gustave. But he never walked into the trap.

Gustave seemed to know what they were up to. They tried other traps, but only caught smaller crocs.


Finally, they decided to use a big cage with live animals, thinking that might get his attention. But it didn't work either.

The only time they saw something had happened was one night after a big storm. They looked at the trap and saw that the goat they put inside was gone, and the whole trap was in the water. But still, no Gustave.

The hunters didn't know if the storm helped the goat escape or if Gustave took it and broke the trap. Either way, they just couldn't catch him.


Faye spent a lot of time looking into Gustave. He once told the BBC that Gustave was way bigger than other crocs in Burundi and really dangerous.

Faye didn't think anyone should try to kill Gustave, but also said the croc could be risky when he left his home island looking for a girlfriend, sometimes eating folks he found.

A lot of people were super impressed by how big and tough Gustave is, especially since he's escaped so many times.


Some people even made jokes, saying if there were signs saying "don't swim here" near where he lives, maybe fewer people would be in trouble. And some thought maybe Gustave even ate the guy who was supposed to put the sign up.

A lot of folks felt that since no one can seem to catch him, maybe it's time to just leave Gustave alone and let him chill.