Betty White Is Turning 99 This Weekend

betty white is turning 99 this weekend

Betty White, America's most beloved grandma, is turning 99. For that, she thanks her sense of humor and a positive attitude.

From dreams of forests to TV screens

Born in 1922 in Oak Park, Illinois, Betty's first dream job was to become a forest ranger. Unfortunately for her, at the time women could not work as rangers.

It was a stroke of luck for us, though, because it led her to her career on screens instead. After her debut in the 1940s, America's own National Treasure never stopped making us smile.

Some of her memorable roles include cheerful Sue Ann Nivens on The Mary Tyler Moore Show and the adorable Rose Nylund on The Golden Girls. Through her successful career, she also won several well-deserved Emmys.

Staying healthy thanks to her humor

In an interview with People, White did not make a big deal of turning 99. For her, it is not much different from turning 98, in any case, because, she said:

"I am blessed with good health."

The sassy grandma is sure that her sense of humor is what keeps her strong. Her life philosophy is one that always looks at the bright side of life. She continued:

"I don't like the other side. The positive side is a lot more fun."

Wisdom to share from her long life

Her main focus is on the joys that every day brings. She keeps herself busy and lets go of the negatives. Her secret?

"Just looking at the positive side and not dwelling on the downside. Takes up too much energy being negative. Also having a good agent who keeps me busy all the time."

We can surely all use some tips from her. After all, who would not want to live to 99 while being so well-liked and so funny? Here is her top piece of advice:

"Don't take yourself too seriously. You can lie to others — not that I would — but you cannot lie to yourself."

Quiet celebrations amid the pandemic

Naturally, these days, her birthday celebrations have to be simple. With coronavirus around, big parties are a no-no.

When things go back to normal, the delightful comedienne looks forward to "visiting with close friends and bringing food to my animal friends". Animals have been close to her heart for many years and she has also donated to various funds and organizations that protect them.

betty white is turning 99 this weekend
betty white is turning 99 this weekend

As expected, fans worried for their favorite celebrity grandma when the pandemic started. People close to her, however, reassured everyone saying that "Betty is fine."

Age is just a number for those who have fun

Talking about White, a friend revealed that she is still impressively healthy and energetic. Nothing can keep her still and away from the people she loves. The person told Closer Weekly:

"She still likes to drink, laugh, and tell stories. It will be at her home with her longtime friends and stepchildren. She's still close with them and their children. They'll order food in and have fun. She doesn't have any major health problems. She says she's a little 'creaky.' Walking is a bit of an issue and she uses a walker at home, but she's OK. And she's still quick with a one-liner."

While she still gets offers for roles and cameos, the high of her career is of course behind her. She still likes to live close to Hollywood, though, because one never knows. Her friend concluded:

"She still gets job offers, but that part of her life is probably over. Everyone wants her to retire to [her vacation property in Carmel, California], but Hollywood is in her blood. She likes to be close to the action, even at her age."

We surely still rejoice at seeing her on the screen and hope she can celebrate many more happy birthdays.