Betty White Has Died At 99

Betty White Has Died At 99

For eight decades, Betty White made us laugh while sharing life wisdom with generations. The legend has passed away at 99, only a few weeks before turning 100.

TMZ broke down the news on the last day of 2021.

Betty was a radio and TV pioneer, but her most memorable performances came in a hit TV show, Golden Girls. Fans worldwide are still in shock, despite knowing that White was 99.

Betty had the longest-running career in showbusiness and was looking forward to celebrating her 100th birthday with fans and animals. She was one of the most prominent animal advocates, though she stood for equality in each and every way possible.

Just a week before her death, Betty told People magazine:

"I'm so lucky to be in such good health and feel so good at this age. It's amazing."

Her positivity made her incredible life even more inspiring, and she shared with People that she inherited this remarkable trait from her mom.

Betty was not obsessed with dieting, so she jokingly said:

"I try to avoid anything green. I think it's working."

Everyone loved Betty, from celebrities to younger fans, and paid their tributes on social media.

Recently Sandra Bullock, who co-started with Betty White in The Proposal, said:

"Timing isn't easy in comedy, because you have to navigate other people's timing. Betty pivots like I have never seen, making it look seamless."

"The rest of us just remain silent and pray we're not cut out of the scene."

Despite her advanced age, many are still shocked that Betty White is gone.

Betty will be missed, but her work and causes will remain forever. She truly was the Queen of TV, the first lady of comedy, and so much more.

Betty White Has Died At 99

Thank you for being a friend, Betty White!