Beta Male Signs Proving Why You Should Be Glad To Be Dating One

Beta Male Signs Proving Why You Should Be Glad To Be Dating One

Alpha males get all the glory, but it's the woman dating a beta male who is often a winner in the love game. The thing is, you might not even know you are dating a beta, and today you will know for sure and even understand why that might have been the best thing ever.

Pop Culture Has Given Alpha Males More Than Their Fair Share Of Attention

We have all seen movies and books based on muscular, tall, and bold men who are brimming with confidence and taking charge in every aspect of their lives.

Nice guys have been relegated to the role of being sidekicks, and alpha males have been rewarded with the roles of heroes and gods.

A typical beta male is friendly, full of quirks, lovable, kind, and often unremarkable. Betas are hardly the sort that makes your heart race and sweeps you off your feet with their charisma.

This guy does not just leave the spotlight to the alpha, he actively avoids it.

And there is something you should know, as far as boyfriend or husband material goes, getting involved with beta is the best way to go.

Everything you want in a good boyfriend is what typifies a beta male. Here's why.

1. A Beta Male Cares About Other Things Besides Himself

An alpha male lives for the attention he gets for his antics and accomplishments. He hardly has any time for other people unless the end result is more glory for him.

That is why these guys will spend so much of their time working out, grooming themselves, maintaining their social life, and so forth.

But betas are free from such obligations and can focus their attention on things like music, art, cooking, and other things that make a relationship thrive.

2. He Will Respect You

An alpha male has to work hard to maintain his position and assert his manhood, especially in public.

For this reason, he will try to demonstrate how he is the sort of man that the ladies want, and that can mean you can get disrespected in public.

But a beta will treat you like a human being in public and will not demean you for the sake of his ego. He doesn't have much to lose in this regard.

3. He Will Be Emotionally Available

Not all alpha males are emotionally unavailable, but many of them are. So, your odds of getting into an emotionally fulfilling relationship are better when dating a beta.

The chances that a beta male will try to make you feel like there is a connection when there isn't are pretty low.

Beta males are more likely to form a real connection because they don't have the moves to fake interest to suck you in.

Alpha males like to talk more than they like to do. The promises you get from beta males might be a little tame, but they are usually real.

4. Betas Are Less Likely To Play Games

One thing you will love about beta males is that they are very open with their feelings. If he likes you, he will be honest about it.

An alpha male can feign interest in you simply because it gives him a chance to prove his dominance to his adoring buddies.

That is why many bad boys are notorious for juggling many women because they have a reputation to keep.

You will rarely find yourself being part of such games with betas.

5. A Beta Male Will Care About Your Sexual Needs

While an alpha male is endowed with lots of confidence and often has the moves to back it up, he will not typically give a damn about your needs between the sheets.

He thinks his ability to pleasure you is guaranteed, and he doesn't bother to find out if he actually does.

But a beta male actively seeks to please you in bed. Your satisfaction is as important as his.

And this makes betas better lovers because all women are different, and therefore need men who pay a little more attention to discover what they like.

6. He Has No Problem Remembering Birthdays And Anniversaries

All the minor details about your life matter to a beta, including your favorite ice cream flavor and other things. An alpha male is too self-absorbed to obsess over such details about a girl's life.

Betas are very sentimental, and that makes them want to spend these special days with you. But alpha males will often forget them or avoid them because they like it when the attention is on them, not the other way round.

7. A Beta Male Is Very Reliable

Bad boys are fun because you can never tell what they will do next. That also makes them extremely unreliable.

So, when you need someone to help you out of a bind or an urgent favor, an alpha male will probably not come through for you.

But beta males are in all their glory when you need them to do something for you. They see women as more than just sexual objects or achievements.

8. They Are Not Easily Threatened

Alpha males have huge egos, and as you know, egos are very fragile. They feel like they have a lot to lose, and that makes them easily threatened.

Beta males are not weighed down by such worries.

They are already comfortable with other guys hogging the attention, and that makes them more secure in themselves.

A bad boy wants you to do whatever he wants and will not usually give importance to your viewpoints as that will threaten his status quo.

But a beta will not mind accommodating you.

9. A Beta Male Doesn't Care Only About Sex

An alpha male might promise you a mind-blowing night of erotic fun, but that might be all he has to offer.

When you want more, a beta male is your best option. To these guys, there is more to a relationship than physical release.

This is a guy who wants an engaging conversation and your buddy when you are trying to reach that seemingly elusive fitness goal.

Alpha males are not made for domestic roles like cuddling and spending time together. But betas are totally into this.

10. They Know The Importance Of Communication In Relationships

Betas are not the sort to leave things unsaid if at all they need to be said. They hate it when feelings are bottled because they understand how much damage this can do to a relationship.

However, alphas are typically not concerned about such issues. They like being in charge, and exploring deep emotional issues does not fit into this agenda.

Without proper communication, any relationship is bound to get rocky and even end bitterly.

11. They Don't Mind Staying In

Bad boys often like extroversion and constant adventures. They always want to be out in the world, showcasing their superior masculine qualities.

That makes indoor lives very unappealing to them. Dating them means having a fast-paced life that might not accommodate your desire to settle down.

But a beta will not mind spending the weekend indoors with you. Any time a beta spends with you is a win.

12. He Likes Spending Time With You

Alpha guys want people in their lives when they feel like it. He will not want you around when it's not to his benefit.

That is why he will often hit you up when in the mood for a good time and then go silent until the next time he needs you.

But a beta won't mind spending time with you even when it's not about him having a good time. He genuinely cares about having you in his life, and he proves it by sacrificing his time to be with you.

He will even gladly join you as you go to watch your ridiculous chick flicks, although he doesn't like them.

13. They Don't Need To Be In Charge

When you get into a relationship with an alpha male, there is bound to be a power struggle unless you are willing to become a doormat. Alpha males tend to have serious control issues.

But a beta male does not mind letting you be in charge. They can be vulnerable for your sake, and they will gladly give you space to express yourself and your strengths.

That is an important quality in a person who wants to grow with you and help you attain your goals in life.

14. A Beta Male Isn't Afraid Of Commitment

Many ladies have lamented that men are afraid of commitment. Many of them, if you were to dig a little deeper, were dating alpha males.

Alpha males hate to be tied down, because they dread getting domesticated.

But betas have no such things to worry about. In fact, they love commitment because they believe in things such as finding a soulmate.

Deep down, beta males want stable, lasting relationships because they have no time to run around proving their manliness to the world.

15. They Are Full Of Affection

Alpha males like to focus on how much you are impressed with them. They can go to lots of lengths to make you see how impressed you are, and showing affection and care does not usually make the cut.

However, betas don't mind giving you their all. If they have to make fools of themselves in public to prove their love for you, then so be it.

He will be the kind of guy who will show you love and affection whenever he gets a chance without getting tired.

Sorry to say it, but alpha males are overrated as far as forming stable, lasting relationships goes. If you want a genuinely stable and stress-free relationship, then you are better off dating beta males.