Best Gift Ideas For Your Music Junkie Friend

Best Gift Ideas For Your Music Junkie Friend

We all have that one friend who is so into music that we are never sure what to get them for special occasions because anything can turn out to be either too generic or too niche.

In this article, we'll give you some great gift ideas for your music-loving friend that will definitely appeal to their hobby (or occupation) and make them feel appreciated for what they love and do.

Vinyl Records

If your friend is a fan of a certain artist or genre, consider getting them a vinyl record. Not only do vinyl records offer a unique listening experience, but they also make for a great decoration piece. You can even find special edition or limited-release vinyl records that will make for an extra special gift.

Concert Tickets

If your friend has a favourite band or artist that is coming to town, consider getting them tickets to the concert. Not only will they get to enjoy their favourite music live, but they'll also appreciate the effort you put into finding the perfect gift for them (and into fighting the other fans in the online ticket-buying competition).

Instrument Accessories

In case your friend is a musician, consider getting them some instrument accessories. For example, if your friend plays the guitar, you could get them a new guitar pick. If your friend plays the violin, high-quality violin strings are a great gift idea. These accessories might seem small, but they can make a big difference in the sound and playability of an instrument.

Bluetooth Speaker

A portable Bluetooth speaker is a great gift for any music lover. They can take it on the go, whether it's to a party or just to listen to music in their own backyard. You can find Bluetooth speakers in a variety of sizes and price ranges, so you can find one that fits your friend's needs and your budget.

Music Books or Magazines

If your friend loves reading about music, consider getting them a music book or magazine subscription. There are plenty of great music books out there, ranging from biographies of famous musicians to instructional books on how to play an instrument. And a magazine subscription will give your friend a regular dose of music news and reviews.

Music Lessons

If your friend has expressed an interest in learning to play an instrument, why not get them a few music lessons? Whether it's guitar, piano, or even the violin, learning to play an instrument can be a great way to unwind and express oneself creatively. You could purchase a package of lessons from a local music school or find an online teacher that your friend can connect with from the comfort of their own home.


A good pair of headphones is a must-have for any music lover, especially if they enjoy listening to music on the go or in noisy environments. There are many high-quality headphones available at a range of prices, so you can find a pair that fits your friend's budget and preferences. Look for headphones with noise-cancelling features or ones that are specifically designed for the type of music your friend enjoys.

Noise-cancelling headphones are not only great for listening to music but also for muting the noises around. It is a thoughtful gift if your musician friend has sensitive ears (which many musicians do), has to travel a lot and etc.

Musical Gadgets

There are plenty of musical gadgets available that can make useful gifts for your music-loving friend. For example, a pocket-sized electronic drum kit, a mini keyboard, or a pocket-sized synthesiser can be fun to play around with and help your friend experiment with creating their own music. Additionally, a portable recording device can allow your friend to capture their musical ideas on-the-go.

Gadgets for musical instruments, like, for example, a guitar tuner, while a small details, can make your friend's life a little bit easier.

Music-Themed Artwork

If your friend enjoys decorating their home with music-themed decor, consider getting them a piece of artwork that speaks to their love of music. You could get them a print of their favourite album cover or a piece of artwork featuring musical instruments. There are many talented artists out there who create unique and beautiful pieces of art inspired by music.

Music Merchandise

If your friend is a big fan of a certain band or musician, consider getting them some official merchandise. T-shirts, hats, posters, and other items featuring their favourite band or artist can make for a memorable gift. Additionally, if your friend is into collecting vinyl records, consider getting them a record player or a display case for their collection.

Music Streaming Service Subscription

If your friend loves listening to music but doesn't have a music streaming service subscription, this can be a great gift that they'll use and enjoy for months to come. There are many music streaming services available, such as Spotify, Apple Music, and Tidal, that offer a vast library of music to listen to. You could purchase a subscription for your friend or get them a gift card to use towards a subscription.