Best Friends Stage Horror-Themed Photoshoot Complete With Wine And A Dead Body

Your closest companion is someone you can always rely on, even in difficult times. They're not just a friend, they're like a sibling, and you'd do anything for them. Kelli and Amelia, who are true crime enthusiasts, podcast hosts, and sisters, took their passion for the genre to the next level by arranging a photoshoot where they bury a body in a tarp in the woods and then have a wine celebration. It sounds like a fun event!

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1. Kelli And Amelia Really Love True Crime

They are so passionate about the genre, they host their own podcast called "Uncorked Crime" which is available on various platforms including Spotify and Apple Podcasts. Every Monday, they release a new episode discussing their favorite true crime stories including murders, mysteries, and hauntings. It's highly entertaining!

2. If You Can't Bury A Body With Your Sister, Who Can You Count On?

They stress that no actual people were harmed in the making of these pictures, it's a playful tribute to the genre and a great time. Now they will have these photos as a reminder of their podcast in the future.

3. This Might Be A Good Idea For Something To Try With Your BFF!

Consider using this as inspiration for a fun Halloween activity with friends. Halloween is just a few months away, and this could be a great way to celebrate the holiday. There's still time to plan, so start thinking about it!