Best Friends Build Their Own Tiny Town So They Can Grow Old Together

Best Friends Build Their Own Tiny Town So They Can Grow Old Together

Awww. How adorable!

Ever met someone you thought you could spend the rest of your life around? You practically never want to be parted from this person, and you want to grow old together.

With such a friend by your side, you feel safe to be who you want to be. Few things beat that.

But while most friends stop at planning occasional meetups or trips together, a couple of friends have taken things a lot further.

These Buddies Are Planning A Future Together In A Little Eco-town They Are Putting Together

The four couples are all environmentalists, and they have known each other for over two decades.

To secure their future, they decided to do something together by finding a nice place in Austin, Texas. The location faces the Llano river.

They chose the peaceful location to build an eco-town in which they would spend their golden years.

To get the plan going, they got in touch with Matt Garcia, an architect based in San Antonio. He helped them design four cabins. The residential houses also featured a common area, a guest bedroom, and a communal kitchen.

Each Of The Four Cabins Will Set Them Back About $40,000

And they aptly named the settlement Llano Exit Strategy.

They had to keep the costs down, which is why the interiors feature light sandal plywood.

Each of these cabins is also thoughtfully designed to ensure that each household has a clear and unobstructed view of the beautiful surroundings.

For each cabin, there's a personal area measuring 400 square feet and a fitted queen-size bed, a couch, and a reading table with a chair.

The highlight of this part of the cabin is without a doubt the porch which gives the dwellers an incredible view of the mountains.

Additionally, the cabins offer the promise of a comfortable stay even during the hot summers as they feature corrugated steel walls and insulated windows that offer both great lighting and proper ventilation.

In consideration of the area's tendency for drought, the roofs are slanting so they can collect rainwater. In total, the roofs can collect about 50,000 gallons of water that go into large barrels.

In turn, these barrels have underground pipes that keep the area irrigated.

Despite the dryness of the area, the friends have managed to turn it into a paradise. However, they know they will have to be careful with the water consumption for the sake of the native vegetation.

The Cabins Sit On A 1,500 Square Foot Common Area

In the common area, couples can spend time together and relax. It also features a guest room and an octagonal wooden table, and a great fully-equipped kitchen.

These appliances include a clear-glass refrigerator, a stainless steel commercial-grade stove, wine racks, and granite countertops.

But according to Jodi Zipp, wife to Fred, who together make one of the couples helping set up this eco-town, the place is nothing short of magical.

"It's like a Disney movie out here… We have hares, bobcats, deer, and all kinds of birds."

The work is still ongoing, and what has been achieved so far is quite incredible.

Once the project is complete, the couples will start living there on a full-time basis.

We are all envious of what they have achieved. I got to admit. Good friends are made of this.