Best Feel-Good Movies With Fantasy Theme

While facing the exhausting realities of the real world, everyone needs some escape from reality. A powerful medium to escape reality is to enjoy some good fantasy movies. Fly with the horses, slay some devils or put a spell on people you hate, movies can fulfill all your dreams and fantasies.

Good fantasy movies will not only offer you power-packed entertainment for a few hours, but they will also provoke your mind to think about real-life situations. Experts in the field of psychology recommend fantasy-based movies for kids and adults to keep their imaginations alive.


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Best Feel-Good Movies With Fantasy Theme

Fantasy is a very tricky genre. The writer has to walk a very fine line between interesting fantasy and a cliché story. At any time, if one loses the grip over the characters, the movie can turn out to be a waste of time.

If you want to save time and enjoy some fun fantasy movies, here are some recommendations to add to your watch list.


1. About Time

Available on: Amazon Instant Video and Google Play

Release: 2013

Runtime: 2hr 3m

Genre: Romance, Drama, Fantasy

Synopsis: A man discovers his family has the inherited capability of reversing time to change things according to their ease but he has to walk the thin line between the use and abuse of power.


About Time is a time travel fantasy with a very crisp and clean plot. Light-hearted, fun but provoking, the story of About Time revolves around a young man who discovers that he can reverse time. Navigating through life, he uses this newfound ability to his advantage and in the favor of the people around him.

However, his choices are tested with a very harsh decision when he has to choose between saving the life of his sister and getting back to the same family and the woman he loves. Laced with magic, love, and sentiments, the movie is an emotional roller coaster. Discovering the limitations and locking the power illusions, this movie has the power to stay imprinted in the mind of viewers for a long time.


2. City Of Angels

Available on: Hulu and Prime Video

Release: 1998

Runtime: 1hr 54m

Genre: Romance, Drama, Fantasy

Synopsis: A budding romance between a young man and a female surgeon takes wild turns when she discovers he is not a human.

This fantasy theme movie might seem a little corny and cringe for some people but if you are looking for a good romantic entertainment piece, you must consider this. Way ahead of its time, the movie does not have a lost plot and maintains a very strong hold over the viewer throughout.


In a world where angles guide humans and divine power rules, an angel falls in love with a surgeon while guiding her patient out of the world. Returning to her while keeping his secret hidden, he has to figure out a way to let her know without parting ways with her.

3. The Invention Of Lying

Available on: Netflix

Release: 2009


Runtime: 1hr 40m

Genre: Comedy, Fantasy, Romance

Synopsis: In a world where no one knows how to lie, a man going through a mid-life crisis figures out a way to turn things around by inventing lying.

Living in a world free of lies and fib seems like a dream. The movie is a true embodiment of all the dreams turning into reality. The Invention of Lying is a movie that revolves around a man who learns the art of lying about simple things. From simple banking glitches to finding himself a job, becoming successful, and influencing people, he has it all just by lying. However, he is stuck between the devil and the deep sea when he figures he might have to use lying to make someone fall in love with him.


Choosing between lying his way toward love or struggling to stay on the truthful path and making her fall in love with the real him, he has to know a good way to convince him. With a very strong plot, gripping story, and comic timing, everything in the movie make it stands out from the rest of the fantasy movies that you might come across. Even after so many years of release, the movie still holds a very fresh fantasy touch that keeps it new.


4. The Cobbler

Available on: Google Play and Amazon Instant Video

Release: 2014

Runtime: 1hr 39m

Genre: Fantasy, Drama, Comedy

Synopsis: A shoemaker finds an old heirloom machine only to figure out that he can step into anyone's shoe quite literally with the help of a little help of machine


For people who are expecting a hilarious comedy that will leave them laughing out loud uncontrollably, this movie might not be a good choice but if you like good humor and fantasy, this is an obvious pick. Laced with good situational humor and fresh perspective, you will not be disappointed by the movie at all.

The story of The Cobbler revolves around a man who gets to handle his father's business of shoemaking. However, one day due to some glitch in the machine, he ends up using an old family heirloom machine. With just one easy fix, his life changes as he discovers the machine will let you step in others' shoes. From understanding difficult situations to learning about some risky business, the movie s fast pace keeps the audience on their toes.


5. Age Of Adeline

Available on: Netflix and Prime Video

Release: 2015

Runtime: 1hr 52m

Genre: Romance, Drama, Fantasy

Synopsis: A woman who never ages find a fascinating way to live as people around her grow, die and change.

Remarkable cinematography, mesmerizing stories, and iconic performance all come together in the age of Adeline. The story revolves around a young woman who gets into an unfortunate accident only to figure out that she has seized to age.


For the rest of her life, she now has to figure out ways to live in a society where she will soon outlive her parents, friends, family, and even her children. Willing to protect her secret, she keeps switching places only to stumble upon an old, forgotten love. With this sharp discovery, her life changes as she has to figure out a way to protect her secret at all costs.

Bottom Line

Fantasy is a genre that requires a very good balance. The writer has to make sure that at no point he loses grip otherwise it can turn into a corny disaster. These movies are some of the simplest yet interesting examples of fantasy movies.