Best Emoji Combinations To Tell Your Boyfriend You Love Him

Best Emoji Combinations To Tell Your Boyfriend You Love Him

Finding new and creative ways to declare your love for your man is one of the fun ways to keep your relationship fresh and exciting. It's easy to settle into the routine of "love you," "love you too" and completely forget that this is the person you want. Remember that time you went out on your first date and thought, "This could work out long-term." Or maybe you remember the very first time he said "I love you."


These feelings are strong and important to keep going through the length of your relationship. The difference between feeling disconnected from your man and feeling completely enchanted by him may be as simple as evoking a beautiful memory. Where love is more than a feeling, the amazing, deep connection that you experience is certainly a plus to being in love.

Digital Romance

best emoji combinations to tell your boyfriend you love him

The new digital age has definitely brought new drama and challenges to relationships - Instagram rules should Pinterest have privacy, Direct Messages from the opposite gender, or which family member you have to mute or block. This new technology has however given us a huge blessing: one thousand and one different ways to say "I love you."


These all come through gifs, videos, pictures, or memes - and let's not forget cute emojis.

Emoji Love Messages

best emoji combinations to tell your boyfriend you love him

Emojis aren't new and they have been used to convey many messages; both the cryptic and the obvious ones. We all know what an eggplant plus a peach means or heart eyes and fire. But some - like a snowflake, fire, and cash - means different things to different groups of people.

This list of fourteen cute and new ways to tell your man that you love him through emojis should help get the ball rolling for you guys to start a new game.


1. I love 'Ewe'

Try using a sheep emoji instead of the word, "you." It encompasses the sentiment while cracking a nerdy, not-so-funny joke. If you two love dad jokes, this one is for you.

2. Cupid's Arrow

Why try too hard? This one is simple, classic, and also completely cliché. Everyone knows that being shot by cupid's arrow means that you are in love so why not send your boyfriend a heart pierced by an arrow emoji?


3. Old School

You remember that time we had to form emojis? Those good old days of spending five minutes forming a text. We want to bring corny back. Use your keyboard prowess and type "I <3 |_|". Fun, huh?

4. "Heart" Felt

Well, not your heart, but the emoji hearts. You can even do it in different colors, yay! Try forming the words "I love you" with the hearts.


5. I Love You Kisses

I mean, you saw this one coming didn't you? Let the kissy, heart-eyed face do the speaking for you. This one communicates you do love him and also want to kiss him. Win-win.

6. Sweet On You

Send him all those sugary sweet emojis; cake, ice cream, lollipop, sweets, candy, etc. You can type them to form "I love you" or "I'm sweet on you". The luxury of freedom of choice comes so rarely, so take it.


7. I Would Die For You

Get serious but stay corny with this combination of eyes, tree, two die, the number four, and letter u. His heart will melt and you'll make him laugh.

8. You're My Beating Heart

Okay, we admit this one is lazy but some days you really don't have the time to scroll through all those emojis do you? Send him a red heart emoji only and let him watch your pretty heartbeat for three seconds on his screen, he'll get it.


9. My Loving Eyes

This one conveys so many messages. One, he looks good. Two, you love looking at him. Three, seeing him makes your heart beat faster. And finally, you love him. Send him the heart eyes, he'll appreciate the effort.

10. Stars In My Eyes

This one is smart, has enough love song lyrics to back it up, and is super sweet to boot. Send your man the 'stars in my eyes' emoji to show him that he is the one who makes your eyes light up and he is the only star in your eyes - or the biggest one.


11. You Make Me Crazy

You can send him the crazy face emoji plus a number four plus a heart-formed U. Show him you are crazy for him. It is flirty and lovey-dovey. Or just send him the crazy face emoji and let him figure that out.

12. Crazy In love

'Got me looking so crazy right now, your love's got me looking so crazy right now.' There is an emoji for Beyonce's song and it is simply the heart eyes on the crazy face. If your phone doesn't have it, simply put heart eyes plus the crazy face.


13. Girl Loves Boy

A simple boomer emoji combination, but it works. You could either send him the already combined emoji or go the extra mile and send him the girl emoji plus the heart emoji plus the boy emoji.

You can even try to color-coordinate them to your skin tones. It is something your grandmother would send to her man but that is only because it has staying power. It says "We'll be together forever" without the corny fairytale song in the background.


14. All Love

A "100%" love for you is a nice way to show him you don't doubt your love for him or his for you. So send him that hundred percent plus that heart emoji, it's cute.

So there you go, have some innocent fun with your boyfriend while also sharing with him how much you love him. Remember, love conquers all; especially that emoji love.