Best Digital Tools To Secure Remote Workers Data

best digital tools to secure remote workers data

The rapid development of information technologies, which began in the early XXI century, contributed to their introduction into all spheres of human life and mass (often even uncontrolled) use, as well as the formation of single information and digital space. At the same time, the number of abuses, offenses, and other cyber threats aimed at various aspects of the activities of companies that organize the work of their employees on a remote basis has grown rapidly.

The Main Risk Factors During the Organization of Remote Work

Today, there are a number of risks in organizing remote work of employees:

Risks with network IP. For remote access to the company's resources, employees usually use private networks or nets with a public address. Some other types of networks (secure or unsecured, wired or wireless, etc.) and a network checker are also applied. Workers often think about the question, "How can I find out what is my IP address and whether it is secure?" since it is required to ensure the connection and organize an efficient remote workflow. It is often done using unreliable methods that expose private data to the network. This provides a number of opportunities for cybercriminals and hackers;

Physical protection of devices. Ensuring the physical security of devices in the organization of remote work becomes a serious risk because the lost device (whether corporate or personal) poses a great threat of loss of confidential data and personal information;

Use of personal devices for work purposes. There is a high risk that personal use of software products and other important resources may give hackers access to the company's resources;

Fraud focuses on remote workers. By focusing on the psychological characteristics of the remote worker, hackers can perform various manipulative actions.

Thus, the organization of remote work of workers poses a number of risks and threats to the security of the company and its confidential information. In this regard, the question arises, "How do you keep security when employees work remotely?". It is necessary to focus on improving the level of cybersecurity of the business in general and each employee in particular. This problem can be solved by using modern remote working tools that allow protecting data while working over the Internet.

What Are Digital Tools and How Can They Provide Data Protection?

Digital remote working tools that ensure the protection of personal data on the network are a set of resources for:

Information leakage prevention;

Exclusion of the possibility of unauthorized access to information;

Prevention of influences that lead to the destruction, distortion of information, or failures or failures of the media;

Detection of application devices;

Exclusion of interception of information by technical means;

Use of cryptographic means of information protection during transmission over communication channels.

How Can I Protect My Data When Working from Home: 5 Useful Tools for Working Remotely

Below are the digital tools that are successfully used today to secure remote workers.

best digital tools to secure remote workers data
best digital tools to secure remote workers data


Zoom offers communication software that integrates video conferencing, online meetings, chat, and mobile collaboration. It offers a multifunctional package of client software for Mac computers and Windows, iOS, Android, and Linux devices that uses a wide range of encryption technologies to ensure privacy and high security for users.


How does VPN help you stay secure when working remotely? VPN offers customers ample opportunities, including the ability to access any website, check the IP address, securely transfer data online, etc. If you do not know what is my IP, be sure that with the help of a VPN, you will be able to get an answer to the question. Built-in IP checker works quickly and efficiently.

The use of VPN can eliminate a significant number of risks, allowing secure transmission of information through an encrypted communication channel. This technology is inexpensive and can be quickly and easily implemented in the company. Just be careful when choosing a provider of these services and choose those that have a good reputation in the market. VPN is considered the most reliable today and provides customers with truly effective services. Establishing what your IP is just one of them.


GitHub is the largest hosting for Git repositories and is a hub for millions of developers and projects.

The unique free tool Structured Threat Intelligence Graph is available on the portal. It provides effective assistance to companies in ensuring data protection on the global Internet. Thanks to the program, owners of organizations and companies easily visualize, share, create and edit data on cyber threats using an IP checker. This is enough to identify risks in a timely manner and neutralize them.

Google Drive

Google Drive is cloud storage that allows users to store their data on servers in the cloud and share it with other cloud users on the network.

Google technologies are known for their efficiency and reliability, so their benefits are enjoyed by many companies around the world. A wide network of data centers operates based on specially designed services, which provide reliable protection and high security. Google developers regularly check IP addresses, monitor all hardware, and respond quickly to threats.


This is a graphic online editor for collaboration work. Thanks to this tool, employees can create an application interface, a site prototype, and discuss edits in real-time. The program is often used by managers, marketers, designers, and developers. The built-in features of the app greatly secure remote workers' data.

So, in this review, we told you what risks exist when organizing remote work of employees, why it is so important to provide reliable and secure encryption, and how modern digital products can help in this. We have described only 5 of the best tools for working remotely, but in fact, there are many more. You should choose the one that suits you best and secure your data online.