Best Celebrity Halloween Costumes Of 2019

Best Celebrity Halloween Costumes Of 2019

After a jam-packed 'Hallo-Week' and 'Hallo-Weekend,' Halloween has officially come and gone. Whether you kept it lowkey with a scary movie (of course with some snacks) or you attended a party, Spooky Szn reached its peak. And the celebs faction didn't let us down.

Stars like Halsey, Nina Dobrev, and Demi Lovato relished in the Halloween mood, sharing their incredible looks on social media.

In case you were too busy preparing your costume, we've got you covered with a list of the best celebrity Halloween costumes of 2019 you can certainly use as inspiration for next year.

Ashley Graham

She made the most of what her mama gave her as a super sexy, and pregnant, Jessica Rabbit.

Cardi B

The famous rapper nailed it this Halloween with the classic 'Sexy Nurse' costume.

Stormi Webster

This one-year-old daughter of Kylie Jenner rocked a costume inspired by her mum's Met Gala look.

Evan Peters & Halsey

best celebrity halloween costumes of 2019

As couples costumes choice, it doesn't get better than Sonny and Cher.

Kathy Bates

best celebrity halloween costumes of 2019

This American Horror Story star went traditional with a 'Werewolf look,' although we see more of a Cat's theme.

Liam Payne

best celebrity halloween costumes of 2019

The One Direction star went for the Superman look. Clark Kent's mid-transformation was a perfect choice.

Kate Beckinsale

Kate rocked in an iconic Holly Golightly look, with Paramount executive Jonathan Voluck as Elton John.

Kourtney Kardashian

This Ariana Grande, Thank U, Next, costume look is basically 2019 in a nutshell.

Demi Lovato

Demi Lovato chose a Marie Antoinette look, an inspiration from history.

Kylie Jenner

Grabbing headlines is Kylie's full-time job, and this Madonna and Britney VMA kiss look was a perfect way to do it.

Angelica Ross

best celebrity halloween costumes of 2019

Inspired by the American Horror Story cast, this cheerleader look from Bring It On is a 1990s nostalgia personified.

Gabrielle Union

And speaking of Bring it On, Gabrielle Union rocked this throwback and included her daughter in the mix.

Eiza Gonzalez

best celebrity halloween costumes of 2019

For anyone else who believe Halloween should be super spooky, Maleficent is a perfect choice.

Lisa Rinna

It really takes a brave woman to go for J-Lo's iconic dress. Rinna really pulled this one off.

Nina Dobrev

Billie Eilish makes a fun Halloween costume choice.

Jessica Biel

In a super meta take, she dressed up a retro version of her husband, Justin Timberlake.

Paris Hilton

Instead of going for a specific look, Hilton opted for a more generic saloon girl, and she obviously made it as intricate as possible.