Best Baby Gadgets For New Parents

Best Baby Gadgets For New Parents

Parenting, no matter the day and age, presents certain challenges. From sleep deprivation to drinking ten cups of coffee a day, parents can always use a bit of help.

The beauty of today's technologically advanced world is parent-friendly gadgets.

To sort through some of these gadgets and provide you with the best options is this list of top picks.

Windi Gas And Colic Reliever

best baby gadgets for new parents

Pricing in at around thirty dollars it's a small price to pay. It helps your little one relieve uncomfortable gas pains.

Safe and easy, the Windi product helps parents release any trapped gas that might have accumulated in the baby's tummy.

Owlet Smart Sock With Camera

best baby gadgets for new parents

One of the most advanced baby monitoring systems out there, it can be a little pricey at over $300; however, it may just end up worth the price.

The sock that Owlet developed gets placed on the baby's foot like any other, making it comfortable and safe for your precious one to sleep in.

As the baby slumbers, the sock will alert you if there is anything weird with the baby's heartbeat or oxygen levels. The camera will also allow you to peek in on your baby from another room and watch them sleep peacefully.

TushBaby Hipseat Baby Carrier

best baby gadgets for new parents

As your baby gets older, carrying them becomes a real pain, such as wear-and-tear on your back and hip joints. This carrier allows the growing child to sit on your hip comfortably and helps take off some of that additional weight.

Though it is around $80, the carrier is universal and fits children of many stages. It works perfectly from the infant stage all the way to toddlerhood.

Binxy Baby Shopping Cart Hammock

best baby gadgets for new parents

A genuinely revolutionary item, priced at $50, the hammock is priceless concerning ease of use and shopping experience.

Simply place the hammock into your shopping cart and strap in your baby for safety. As your baby slumbers peacefully in a germ-free cozy environment, you can continue with your shopping.

Baby Shusher Sleep Miracle Soother

best baby gadgets for new parents

It's no secret that babies love getting soothed to sleep, whether it's with music or other sounds. The Shusher will replace the need to shush your baby continuously and run out of breath.

The device, priced at just $35, has a setting for a non-stop 15 or 30-minute shushing cycle. It gives your baby time to drift off to sleep with ease.

Baby Bum Brush

best baby gadgets for new parents

A funny thing to think about but immensely useful. Every parent runs into the dreaded diaper rash and the cream that goes along with it. Diaper rash cream is, by default, very greasy and sticks to the fingers when applied to a baby's bottom to the point where not even soap can help.

The Baby Bum Brush, at only $15, helps your fingers stay clean as you apply the much-needed cream to your baby's bum.

Fridababy Nosefrida Snotsucker Kit

best baby gadgets for new parents

This device may sound a little gross at first, but it is an absolutely revolutionary system to help you with any baby snot you might encounter from the moment your baby is an infant to toddlerhood.

It is worth the price of $18. It's a simple device where one end goes lightly into the nostril while the parent sucks at the other end. Again, it may sound gross, but there is a filter in the middle that will stop any gunk from going through. The Nosefrida will give you peace of mind, and your baby will breathe that much better.