Ben Affleck Has A Grim Prediction For The Future Of Movies

According to Ben Affleck, movies will be event-based and more expensive in the future. He firmly believes that the coronavirus pandemic has changed everything.

Many theaters were struggling during the global crisis, and others failed. Some projects had to go direct to streaming services.

Not even the big films were spared the unpredictability the COVID-19 brought with it. In fact, some major Marvel films and high-budget movies risked opening with a wide release.

Affleck seems to think modern movies mainly focus on younger people since older generations are less interested in the current superhero and action franchise trends.

By making these claims, Affleck echoes statements made by Ridley Scott, who claimed that millennials were the reason his film, The Last Duel, failed at the box office. Both Affleck and Damon appeared in the movie.

Ben Affleck Has A Grim Prediction For The Future Of Movies

Regardless of what Affleck says, it's apparent that theaters are not showing independent films as much as they did before. They focus more on franchises, reboots, sequels, and linked universes.

To an extent, this proves Affleck's theory. Still, only time will tell if his predictions are correct or not.

Thankfully, things are looking up, as confirmed by the box office success of the James Bond film, No Time To Die. Similarly, the incredible success of Spider-Man: No Way Home proves that audiences are back to their seats at theaters.

Several months earlier, when the whole world was in the throes of the pandemic, Tenet by Christopher Nolan was unable to turn a profit after it opened at the box office.

Ben Affleck has been in several movies as a writer, director, and actor. He started out with screenwriter Matt Damon, a college friend, and the two were propelled to fame with the film Good Will Hunting, which won an Oscar for its screenplay.

Today, Ben Affleck is one of the most popular Hollywood stars, and he has been the lead actor in many critically acclaimed films. As a director, he has also managed to help create popular movies like Argo and Live by Night.

Many people also know him for his role as Bruce Wayne/Batman in DCUE. Sadly, he recently had to leave the part due to the negativity it has brought him.