Belle Delphine Says She Makes 'A Million A Month' Through OnlyFans

belle delphine says she makes ‘a million a month’ through onlyfans

Belle Delphine has said she makes "a mill a month" through the OnlyFans page.

The 21-year-old model and anime girl was a guest on Logan Paul's podcast Impaulsive. The conversation started around her first upcoming adult movie, and she went on to discuss how she plans to charge it and how much she's making through the popular adult platform.


Belle said that her OnlyFans subscription is $35, which is among the highest on the platform. She didn't reveal how many subscribers she has, but she shared that she was earning approximately one million each month.

The star also didn't realize that others don't make as much, as she explained to Logan:

"All, like, the main people on OnlyFans are roughly earning the same, I think… From what I know, and at the moment, it's, like, a mill a month."


Logan's co-host Mike Majlak replied:

"That would put you at the highest echelon because from what I've heard, the girls in America - the higher earners, are generally between four and six hundred thousand a month."

One of the most amusing new Internet figures spoke about her movie:

"I am having that same scared feeling. After I take this leap, I suppose there will be no scared feeling anymore. Because that is the furthest, you can go."


She posted a preview on her Twitter, which is basically just her sucking on a pickle. Yes, you read that right, and you can read more about that story here: Belle Delphine Sex Tape Leaks As 'Pickle Rick' B***Job Clip Trends On Twitter


Belle's earnings are about to skyrocket

belle delphine says she makes 'a million a month' through onlyfans
belle delphine says she makes 'a million a month' through onlyfans

The unconventional star revealed to The Spectator that she makes over 1.2 million dollars each month. She sells her bathwater, among other things, and she'll also put on sale the used condoms from her movie.

In case you were wondering how and why would someone buy bathwater, we have no idea. But, in reality, she managed to sell out containers of her bathwater for $30. They sold out in just three days, and we would like to hear from the buyers.


Belle's earnings will skyrocket once her adult movie comes out on Christmas Day. As she discussed on the program, she's still figuring out the best way to profit from her video, whether it's additional subscriptions or a one-time fee.

Belle on her first porn

Speaking on the Happy Hour Podcast, some months ago, she stated:

"So, I haven't recorded my first porn video yet, I'm very nervous for it, I'm very excited about it, I've got loads of feelings about it - because it's all new to me. I haven't done this before."


Belle, whose real name is Mary-Belle Kirschner, revealed:

"I wanted to say like, 'Right, if I'm doing it, I might as well sell something funny,' because that's kind of something that I kind of do. In my online adventures, I try and sell weird things because it's funny."

"So in my first porn video that I will ever do, where I'll show everything, I'm going to be selling the condom that we use in the video."


She doesn't know how much she'll charge for it:

"I think I'll just set a price, I haven't thought of the price yet.

"I don't know, it's hard to say."

Though provocative and definitely not a role model, this young woman certainly knows how to make cash. And she seems to enjoy all the controversy that follows her. See it for yourself: