Bella Thorne's Sister Kalli Joins OnlyFans; Says Sex Work Is 'Not Real'

bella thorne’s sister kalli joins onlyfans; says sex work is ‘not real’

Bella Thorne's older sister Kaili claims sex work doesn't exist and is 'not legit' after joining OnlyFans.

After her sister Bella made a controversial splash on OnlyFans, Kaili Thorne has also joined the platform. The elder Thorne charges $9.99 per month to access her risqué content.

However, soon after joining the platform, angry X-rated content creators instantly called out on her for dissing sex work.

bella thorne's sister kalli joins onlyfans; says sex work is 'not real'

Kaili had targeted OnlyFans creators, telling them that they need to 'get creative' and stop having the same boring bios. She also claimed sex work is 'not real.'


She commented:

"The argument is that sex should not be work. That's why it turns into human trafficking and should be stopped."

"Sex work does not exist. It is not real."

She continued:

"Would I call it legit? No. Nothing about 'sucking for crack' is legitimate."

"All your bios say the same thing: 'Insatiable s–t.' Get creative, and maybe you'd keep your clientele."


Kaili added in response to another sex worker in a separate comment:

"You want me SO badly to be a part of your little club and I refuse. I rather save the world."

bella thorne's sister kalli joins onlyfans; says sex work is 'not real'

Kaili also argued to Page Six that she wasn't intending on offending anyone with her comments. She claimed she was just responding to other users commenting on her page.

She explained:


"These girls … have been bullying me nonstop."

"I was not calling any sex worker 'insatiable s - - t' or any other type of s–t. I was directing my comments back to these girls that call themselves that."

"I'm saying that since sex is not work to me, I don't consider it a job to me."

"I'm not saying it about anyone else. What people do for a living is their choice."

Kaili also sought to defend her sister Bella against those who accused her of taking work away from them by joining the platform.

As per reports, Bella made $2 million on the site just two days after launching her page. She later drew fire from sex workers who accused her of profiting off the work while doing little to help destigmatize it.


But Kaili refuted those claims, saying:


"You physically can't sell sex after a certain point in your life. Sorry for cutting that short."

Considering such comments, it's not surprising that OnlyFans content creators are treating Kaili with some skepticism. She has been very open about not being fully embraced by the community.

bella thorne's sister kalli joins onlyfans; says sex work is 'not real'

Kaili, however, has clarified several times on Instagram that she's not shaming sex workers.