Bella Thorne Posted Her Own Nudes After Blackmail Threats

bella thorne posted her own nudes after blackmail threats

Popular actress Bella Thorne decided to take back her power after she was being blackmailed by an unscrupulous hacker.

The unknown person hacked Bella's private phone, it seems, and then thought it would be a good idea to send threatening messages.

Apparently, the hacker also sent her nudes from other celebs that were hacked and their private content was stolen as well.

bella thorne posted her own nudes after blackmail threats
bella thorne posted her own nudes after blackmail threats

However, this hacker didn't realize they were dealing with quite a rebellious young woman who won't be pushed around.

Instead of giving in to the threats and demands, Bella shared the nude photos on social media.

As a result, the hacker had no leverage over the actress and she felt she had her power back.

Message To The Hacker


Bella shared a colorful message addressed to the hacker and showed that she wouldn't be intimidated any longer.

She shared the messages sent to her as well as the photos, making sure that the sender's number is visible.

Then, she told the hacker just what she thought of them.

The 'Infamous' star also admitted that she felt gross, knowing that someone had invaded her privacy like that.


However, she's using the experience as inspiration for a new book.

Now the hacker has to worry about being arrested as Belle ended her message with a warning that the FBI will find them soon.

This is one feisty redhead you do not want to mess with!

Successful Movie and Book


Now that the drama is behind her, Bella can get back to celebrating her career success.

She has been praised for her vivid and energetic role in 'Infamous,' and the movie is a hit.

It reached number one at the box office and is very popular on streaming sites such as Amazon, Google Play, and Vudu.

In the film, in which she is a co-executive producer, Belle portrays Arielle, a young woman who becomes famous on social media.


It is a crime film so viewers can expect to see some exciting scenes.

Bella's book, 'The Life Of A Wannabe Mogul: Mental Disarray,' is also a winner. This is despite the book of poems getting some negative comments from a few celebs.

It has been reported that rockstar Marilyn Manson and US DJ Diplo didn't think the book is all that great.

However, other celebs such as Zendaya loved it and only had good things to say.


Bella is not one to let negativity get her down and she used the negative reviews on her book's Amazon page.

Clearly, she's doing her own thing and won't let anyone rain on her parade.