Bella Thorne Has Ruined OnlyFans For Struggling Content Creators

‘Close your wallets’ as Bella Thorne is on the loose once again—content creators blame Thorne for policy changes on OnlyFans that harm their earnings.

The former Disney star Bella Thorne made headlines after joining OnlyFans, an adult website that allows users to monetize their own content.

bella thorne has ruined onlyfans for struggling content creators

Racking up a whopping $1 million within 24 hours, Thorne set the record for the most earned by any OnlyFans creator on their first day.

And within a week, she had earned over $2 million by charging $200 for supposedly ‘nude’ photo. However, to the disappointment of OnlyFans users, she wasn’t nude in the pic.

bella thorne has ruined onlyfans for struggling content creators

As a result, many users asked for refunds, requiring OnlyFans to refund them the $200 viewing fee.

After the incident, OnlyFans began capping PPV messages at $50. It’s also allowing its creators to receive tips of up to $100.

Also, the site will now withhold payments. That means some creators in certain countries will have to wait 30 days to receive their money.

Users who earn a significant part of their income on OnlyFans blame Thorne for the new policies. Many say the recent changes have endangered their livelihood.

Stephanie Michelle, a sex worker who specializes in NSFW cosplays, said the changes especially affect creators who make a bulk of their revenue from commissioned PPV photoshoots.

She said:

If someone wanted a personal photoshoot or video, the normal way to go about this is a subscriber will DM a creator and ask for personal content.

Now, OnlyFans has capped this commission allowance at $50.

This basically has a lot of girls unable to give their services to subscribers at their set rates. It’s forcing everyone to lower our income level.

bella thorne has ruined onlyfans for struggling content creators

Another cosplayer and model, Irina, said:

I feel OnlyFans is ripping me off.

I will lose around $2,000 a month from my income because I can’t take any custom requests now as they are priced higher than usual content.

With a maximum tip of $100, it’s hard to explain why they need to tip multiple times.

bella thorne has ruined onlyfans for struggling content creators

While another user, missscarletthxo, asserted that thousands might suffer from what many see as the repercussions for Thorne’s behavior.

The user tweeted:

I’m sure she’s a nice lady, but that doesn’t take away the fact MILLIONS of us now are screwed.

MOTHERS who relied on that one week pay to feed their kids. DADS looking to make a little extra money for his family.

Now, due to her scam / ‘mistake’… THOUSANDS will suffer.

OnlyFans has more than 60 million users and over 750,000 content creators.

While some content creators are sex workers, many others are models, dancers, singers, musicians, and comedians who don’t produce nudity content.

Following the backlash, Thorne apologized, claiming in a series of tweets that she wanted to ‘remove the stigma behind sex work.’

bella thorne has ruined onlyfans for struggling content creators

However, she further angered creators by saying she was meeting with OnlyFans to discuss the price caps on their behalf.

But creator Stephanie said:

Bella Thorne has no right to speak for us and could never know the daily challenges we face every day.