Being Single Means Being Free To Do Whatever TF I Want And I Love It

Although I'm currently single AF, I have no intention of remaining that way permanently. As I ponder my future in a romantic relationship, I have decided to preserve some aspects of my single life regardless. There are 12 habits that I will continue to maintain, come what may.

1. Working Weekends

I wish to avoid spending every Saturday and Sunday glued to my laptop instead of enjoying quality time with my prospective boyfriend. However, my dedication to my career is unwavering, and I may need to work on weekends to stay ahead or keep up with my workload. Fortunately, I intend to select a partner who will offer unwavering support in this regard.

2. Happy Hour With My BFFs

The notion of neglecting my girlfriends for a new relationship terrifies me. These ladies have been with me through thick and thin and will remain by my side even if I fall in love. I will continue to go out for wine and sweet potato fries with them after work or on weekends.

3. Binge-Watching To My Heart's Content

Undoubtedly, the best part of being single is having no obligations or tasks at hand and using the available free time to watch whatever I feel like on television. Personally, I cherish binge-watching and would never stop indulging in my favorite shows just because I'm in a relationship. It serves as the perfect remedy to unwind after a long day at work or to uplift my mood.

4. Making Future Plans

While I do hope to find a relationship that is compatible with my life, it is important to plan for a future that is not entirely centered around my needs. Nevertheless, I am determined to maintain my individuality and prioritize my goals and aspirations, regardless of what my future partner might want. This way of life is deeply ingrained in me, and I cannot imagine living any other way.

5. Having A Solid Routine

Being single means I am in complete control of my schedule, making it easy for me to do what I want whenever I want. Whether it's arranging dinner plans with my significant other or meeting his family for brunch, I will not sacrifice my routine. Certain things, such as cooking nutritious meals and working out, are non-negotiable and will always remain an integral part of my life.

6. Leaning On My Family

With my current single status, I have ample free time that I can spend with my family. However, I do not want to sacrifice the quality time I spend with them once I enter into a relationship. My family has always been a constant pillar of support for me, and I do not intend to distance myself from them.

7. Putting Myself First

It's not that I plan to disregard my future partner or neglect our relationship. I value my independence and do not want to lose myself entirely in a romantic relationship. The thought of being consumed by it scares me the most.

8. Being My Own Best Friend

My prolonged singlehood has made me self-reliant and confident in myself. Even if I have a partner, I will continue to prioritize my personal growth and alone time. This approach will lead to a happier and healthier relationship.

9. Having Super Lazy Sundays

Sundays are the best, especially when I get to laze around as a single woman. I love spending a day in my comfortable clothes, lounging on the couch for hours. Whether I am watching a TV show or reading a book, that downtime is essential to unwind from my busy life. This habit is here to stay even after I find love.

10. Focusing On Self-Care

Nowadays, life is extremely hectic for everyone, and I am no exception. I often feel overwhelmed by the multitude of tasks I need to handle, from work commitments to social plans and romantic pursuits. Despite my desire to find a suitable partner, I know that taking care of myself is a top priority. Sometimes this means spending an entire weekend in my apartment, while at other times, I prioritize my fitness and sleep routine.

11. Trying New Things

One of the best things about being single is the freedom to pursue my interests and try out new things without any limitations. Whether it's taking up courses or focusing on my health, there are endless possibilities for self-improvement. I intend to continue exploring my passions even when I'm in a committed relationship.

12. Knowing That Love Is Not Everything

One can easily become so immersed in a relationship that they start believing it is the ultimate purpose of life. However, my experience as a single woman has taught me that it is entirely feasible to attain contentment and satisfaction without a partner. Even if I decide to embark on a relationship, I don't want to become so dependent on it that the mere thought of losing it scares me. Instead, I want love to enhance my life, not make me fear losing it. Although I am eager to find love soon, I will never relinquish this outlook.