Being Single Is Better Than Being With Someone Whose Soul Doesn’t Match Yours

It hurts to love and not be loved back. Some people try forcing a relationship to work even if they know that it never will. No matter how much you try to impress that person, if the two of you are not meant to be, pain will always be the outcome. Should you remain single or be with someone whose soul doesn’t match yours?

People believe that you should fight for what you love most, but the truth is you can’t fight for someone who wishes you were gone already. The moment you realize that there are too many differences between you, it is better you save your time than stay in a relationship that won’t work.

Being single does not mean you are a loser, it can be the best choice you ever made in your life. It gives you ample time to find your Mr. Right. Personally, I love it; it gives me time to accomplish all my plans and desires in life. I can invest my time in myself.

You cannot spend time with someone who has no time for you, it’s always the job, his siblings or parents, or his friends, but when will the time for you come? If there is no talk between the two of you about planning any vacations or even a dinner night out, It’s high time you stay alone and enjoy your precious moments.

Our emotions are of great concern in any relationship. There comes a time when you need to talk to someone about your feelings or something else. Why should you waste your time telling someone who doesn’t consider you a priority? Others take you for granted; they never appreciate what you do for them, but you should not expect that from your partner.

There is a point when we feel we need to be in a relationship, but we do not consider the type of relationship we want. With such a mentality, we end up with people whom we know that we are not meant to be. We give them that chance to destroy our happiness in the name of being in a relationship. In the end, we curse the person and try justifying why they are not our type. Remember that you saw it early on, but neglected to act on it.

Finding true love is the hardest thing in life, but when will you know that what you have between the two of you is true love? How will you know that person is your type? What is your expectation from that relationship? What brought you to that relationship? Those are the questions that should be in your mind before you get into any relationship. If boredom and loneliness are what caused you to be in a relationship, you are fooling yourself and wasting your time. Patience is the key to happiness. Being single will give you time to see the real facts and help you make good decisions in the future.