Being In Love Isn't A Mood

Being In Love Isn’t A Mood

We hear about love all the time. But being in love isn't a mood. It usually isn't fleeting, and if we're lucky, it stays with us for a really long time.

Our favorite songs, movies and books are full of love stories, so it makes sense that some of us are always on the lookout for that special someone.

Signs You Love Someone With An Old Soul

There are lots of different types of people to fall in love with, but what about those of us that are in love with an old soul?


Old Souls can be amazing partners because they have much more wisdom than their emotionally immature counterpoints. If you love someone full of perspective and insight, they're probably an old soul.

Let's check out seven signs that show you love someone with an old soul:

1. They Aren't A Gameplayer

Old souls are not interested in game-playing. They aren't going to count how long it's been since they last texted you, or mess you around with last-minute excuses.


If you love someone with an old soul, what you see is what you get.

2. They Thrive On Deep Conversation

Old souls like to stretch their brains. Whether it's dissecting the recent episode of 90 Day Fiancé, or diving headfirst into politics, it's official - whatever the subject, old souls love discussion.

Old souls enjoy being mentally stimulated and love nothing more than waxing lyrical with those closest to them. And because they're so wise, these conversations are rewarding for everyone involved.


3. They're Always Honest

If you love someone with an old soul, you'll be pleased to know they don't like to lie. Honestly, lying makes old souls feel uncomfortable because they really don't see the point.

Since they aren't game-players, old souls prefer to just tell it to you straight. Of course, this means old souls aren't necessarily for the faint-hearted. But one thing's for sure - with an old soul, communication will always be clear.


4. They're Unique and Creative

Whether it's a passion for gardening or interest in Latin American painting, old souls are unique and creative.

It's fun to be around an old soul and to experience the world through their eyes.

5. They Always Support You

An old soul always sees the best in others, which means they'll always be there to support you. Old souls are understanding and thoughtful creatures and love to chat through your issues with you.


Remember the old soul honesty though! If you love someone with an old soul, they're likely to tell you exactly what they think.

6. They're Always Teaching You

Because of their wisdom and perspective, old souls will always be imparting life lessons to their loved ones. These insightful souls share their precious pearls of wisdom because they care.


Together, you and your old soul will value shared growth and knowledge.

7. They Inspire You

Ultimately, old souls just want to make the world a better place. Because of this, they're incredibly inspiring.

Together, you and your old soul will gain strength and understanding by sharing what makes you different.