Being In Love Is Great, But These 13 Feelings Are Even Better


Many of us actively pursue love as it's considered to be the ultimate goal. Hours are spent searching, worrying, and shedding tears over love. However, although love is an incredible emotion, it may not necessarily be the best one. Love is often temporary and seldom unconditional, despite the overwhelming pleasure it brings in the present moment.

Love is present in our lives every day, but we always seem to yearn for something more. What could be the reason for this perpetual dissatisfaction? Perhaps it's because love isn't the all-encompassing solution it's often portrayed to be. Keeping that in mind, here are 13 emotions that are even more gratifying than being in love:

1. Achieving a life-long dream

This principle can be applied to any significant objective. The thrill of dedicating oneself to a task and reaping the rewards of one's labor is unparalleled. It's a sensation that no one can deprive you of.

2. Eating amazing food

I'm not joking about this. Consuming your preferred cuisine induces feelings of joy and serenity. According to certain studies, consuming chocolate surpasses the experience of love. Furthermore, unlike love, food doesn't shatter your heart or scrutinize you if you gain a few additional pounds.

3. Curling up in bed

At the end of a tiring day, nothing can compare to snuggling up beneath a cozy and plush blanket. Whether it's reading a captivating novel or watching a beloved TV series, suddenly the appeal of love pales in comparison. Additionally, you get the entire bed to yourself, which is an added bonus.

4. Being put first

Let's shift back to a more serious topic. Being a top priority in someone's life is a more fulfilling feeling than merely being loved by them. I'm not implying that anyone should prioritize you all day, every day, but witnessing them make concessions for you carries more weight than hearing those three magical words.

5. Earning someone's respect

Gaining someone's respect is a challenging feat, but the sense of accomplishment it brings is unparalleled. It elevates your self-worth and self-assurance and validates your actions. In contrast, love often fails to encompass respect.

6. Full and complete trust

Having the ability to trust someone or being trusted generates a delightful sensation deep within you. It's similar to the feeling of love, but even more satisfying. This kind of trust is so scarce that it surpasses love every time.

7. True forgiveness

Whether you're the recipient of forgiveness or extending it to someone else, the act itself releases a tremendous burden from your shoulders. It makes you feel empowered and content, while stress and tension dissolve away. How can anything else be better than that?

8. Compassion

What the world needs most is treating others with kindness and receiving the same treatment in return. While love is wonderful, it cannot solve all the world's problems. Compassion, on the other hand, has the power to resolve a significant number of them. When you're treated with compassion or extend it to someone else, it's akin to the Grinch's heart expanding three sizes, leaving you with a profound sense of fulfillment.

9. Feeling happy with your life

Experiencing genuine contentment with your life at any given moment is an indescribable sensation. Amidst the chaos of life, being able to genuinely claim that you're satisfied with where you are is a feat in itself. Some individuals assume that love is essential for happiness, but that's merely a fallacy.

10. Confidence

Although it may appear arrogant, having confidence provides a superior feeling than love. How many of us have witnessed someone in love, yet feeling insecure? It taints the whole concept of love. Confidence is a powerful emotion that not only feels great on its own but also enhances other emotions.

11. Helping others

If you have ever volunteered or prioritized someone else's needs before your own, you understand what I'm talking about. Witnessing how your actions bring joy to others fills you with a sense of warmth. It's like experiencing a unique kind of euphoria. Although you may feel this emotion occasionally with love, helping others elicits this emotion all the time.

12. Excelling at something new

As you venture into something new, apprehension creeps in. However, once you realize your aptitude in it, you feel exhilarated. It's like discovering a secret part of yourself that was previously unknown. Suddenly, you have a whole new realm to explore. This experience is remarkable and makes love appear a little less magnificent.

13. Being true to yourself

Peer pressure is a real phenomenon, and it's not just limited to teenagers. All of us experience it frequently. However, being able to remain authentic to yourself and not yield to peer pressure is empowering. You feel more self-assured and content, and you become less concerned about others' opinions. Being content with who you are and being true to yourself is always better than love.