Being Faithful Is More Than Not Cheating Physically

Being Faithful Is More Than Not Cheating Physically

What does being faithful to your partner mean? Many people take it to mean not being physically intimate with anyone else except your partner. But is it? Well, it is, but only partially. Being faithful means much more than just going to bed with only one person. It means being involved with them both physically and emotionally. It means limiting your deepest ties to them alone because the moment you start having an interest in another person, it amounts to cheating.

Cheating is taking on a whole new level in the world today

In today's world, cheating has taken an entirely new dimension. Mobile phones, dating apps, and sites have all made creating new relationships easy. People exchange flirty messages and lengthy calls. All that at the pretext that there's nothing deep between them. That they're just good friends.
The texts may not be serious or aimed at creating anything deep, but are your thoughts clean? A careful look will show you something is developing after all. That your interest in that "other" person in your life keeps growing. That you sometimes think deeply about them and miss them.

When they don't text for a day, you feel unhappy. You call them just to feel good. You may argue that you need friends other than your partner. That you can't shut yourself away from the world.

It's true, we all need friends but do we need them to send us suggestive messages? Aren't friends supposed to be like a sister or brother? When a friend becomes more than that, there's something cooking.

If you find that you have to hide that friend from your partner, you've become unfaithful. If you keep deleting their messages, so your partner doesn't happen to come across them, that's cheating.

It's emotional cheating

True, you've not been physically intimate with them yet, nor are you planning to. It's known as emotional cheating. You're interested in another person other than your partner. You find you need them for the same emotional support you would get from your partner or, you're hiding them from your lover.

Being faithful is about not taking your interest elsewhere. It's about doing away with dating apps and sites. About sharing your deepest concerns only with your partner, telling those interested in you that you already have a lover and it's about not entertaining those flirty texts anymore.

Today's society may recognize physical intimacy as the only way to cheat, but I believe otherwise. Anytime you take an interest in another person, that's being unfaithful. Your mind must also remain faithful, not only your physical body. So, while you may not be allowing them to touch you, the people you cheat emotionally with take your heart and mind away from your lover.

Would your partner approve of your close emotional ties with the other person or persons? I suppose not. So, remain faithful by keeping your body as well as your heart pure. Don't give your heart to anyone else but your lover. Your relationship is your life, and ruining it will hurt not only your partner but also you.