Behaviors That Emotionally Hurt People Display Without Realizing

Behaviors That Emotionally Hurt People Display Without Realizing

Heartbreaks are quite common, and sometimes the person you thought was the love of your life ends up leaving you. You remain heartbroken with deep wounds, and you don't know when they'll heal. People react to these kinds of pains differently, and sometimes they display behaviors that shock others. If you happen to be around a heartbroken person, here are behaviors they display without knowing:

Seek Distractions

Emotionally hurt people are likely to seek ways to distract them from their painful thoughts. They look for things they can do to keep themselves busy and occupy their minds.

Prefer Solitude

Emotionally hurt people will prefer to lock themselves in their rooms as opposed to interacting with people. They need to be away from people so that nobody destroys their fragile peace.

Unhealthy Sleep

Emotional hurt people display unhealthy sleeping habits which can either be sleeping for too long or not getting enough sleep. They stay in deep thoughts for a better part of the night and end up not getting enough sleep.

Feel Depressed

These people tend to dig deep into things that hurt them and overlook the positive things. This way, they think the world is against them and they do not see the brighter side of life. They end up depressed.


They spend a lot of their time recounting the events in their lives and think of the bad things that happened to them. They seldom think of the future as their focus is on the insignificant details of the present or past.

Easily Get Upset

People who are emotionally hurt are highly sensitive and will get angry over the smallest things. They are no longer jovial and take jokes seriously.

Can't Differentiate A Toxic From A Healthy Relationship

Emotionally hurt people tend to be clingy and have a hard time differentiating a toxic from a healthy relationship. They easily fall victim to toxic relationships which hurt them even more.


Due to their emotional sensitivity, these people often display aggressive behaviors. They are always ready for a fight. They are easily offended by jokes and will not take criticism in a positive way.

Lack Of Patience

These people lack patience and that's why they can start a fight easily. They will not let you explain yourself, but will rather fight you. They react negatively, and these cases result in conflicts with people around them.

Lack Of Confidence

These people are always content with what they have and lack confidence in fighting for more. They are always in doubt and will not easily take risks. They need constant reassurance before getting them to do something.

Perceive The World As Black And White

Emotionally hurt people tend to see nothing good in the world due to their experiences. Their mood changes all the time and their happiness don't last for long.

Most of the time, emotionally hurt people portray these behaviors unknowingly. They can end up hurting themselves even more if these emotions are not addressed. They need someone to be there for them even when they are not willing to be around people.