Behaviors That Are Typical Of An Authentic Empath

Behaviors That Are Typical Of An Authentic Empath

Empathy is a very special and precious gift. This phenomenon is more common in women than in men. People with this gift can understand other people's feelings or emotions and act on them accordingly. People with authentic empathy always lend a helping hand and put other people's wishes, needs, or problems first.

Behaviors that are typical of an authentic empath include:

1. Very sensitive

This is one of the most common and obvious signs that prove a person is an authentic empath. These people understand what their friends are going through and most importantly, they also FEEL or experience the same pain that their friends are feeling.


2. Very intuitive

Authentic empaths have a high intuition. This means that these people have a special talent for sensing and telling things are off before they happen. They can tell what their friends' intentions towards something are, and they predict things before they happen.

3. They easily detect lies

It is sometimes hard to tell whether a person is telling the truth or otherwise. Authentic empaths have the gift to detect if what information they are receiving is the truth or lies. They can tell because they can keenly analyze the intentions of their friends more so from the face.


4. They care less about their problems

It's funny enough when somebody really forgets that he has a problem and rushes to help his friends instead of dealing with his own situation first. They are always at the forefront of helping others in dealing with their problems.

5. They easily take the energy of people around them

These people as mentioned previously are very emotional. They are influenced by other people's emotions as well. This means that if people around them are sad, they also become sad. When people around them become happy, they also take up happiness.


6. They attract broken people

These people are always giving up their energy to other people. People who feel heartbroken always find their comfort in authentic empaths.

7. Negative impact and response from the crowd

Authentic empaths feel insecure in the presence of a large number of people or crowds. They don't like associating themselves with large groups of people. Densely populated cities or even parties make authentic empaths uncomfortable.


8. Very keen in the selection of living location

Empaths are very selective when it comes to dwelling places. They select areas that are not highly populated where people will not drain up their energy. These people prefer walking alone, not in company.

9. Gift of emotional healing

Empaths are people who have been exposed to many challenges and disappointments. These have therefore nurtured them on how to be strong even if they or their friends are experiencing some problems. When they are exposed to challenges, they get emotional fast, but again they have a gift that heals their emotions very fast and keeps them moving.


10. They cannot tolerate violence

Empaths are peace-loving people. They hate quarrels or violence. They excuse themselves as early as possible before the quarrel begins. For example, if the violence or quarrel is being shown on a TV, they would rather leave the room or close their eyes.

11. They have a strong feeling for nature

Empaths love the environment, and they are therefore keen on preserving it. They hate seeing trees being cut down. They also feel bad when an owner is mistreating a pet.