Behaviors Of An Authentic Empath

Behaviors Of An Authentic Empath

As social beings, our relations with other people matter a lot. If you have gone a few days without human interaction, then you clearly know the benefit of having someone to chat with. One of the greatest parts of interacting with others is the ability to share other people's feelings and understand them better. This is referred to as empathy.

Different people have a different empathetic scale. If you suspect you or someone you know would rank high on the empathetic scale, here are ten peculiar behaviors of a true empath.

1. You can pick up on other people's feelings and energy

One of the true ways of knowing if you're an empath is how well you can share in on other people's feelings. You might be walking down the street, then bump into an old high school friend. A few minutes into conversing, you can suddenly pick up on what it is they're feeling. If they are angry, you too feel yourself getting angry. It can get to levels of finding yourself crying when you see someone else in pain or crying.

2. Your natural intuition is high

As an empath, you could find your natural intuition to be off the charts from something as mundane as talking to another person. For example, if you are having a casual conversation, you can easily pick up on how someone is really feeling, despite their efforts to mask it. You can pick up on someone's emotional pain, even though they look glam, and try to hide it with a smile.

3. You easily feel drained by people

As an empath, you will find your emotions all over the place. If one person is happy, you too are happy. If the next minute you find someone sad, then you too, are sad. This balancing of emotions can feel like a roller-coaster ride at times. It can get quite exhausting sharing everyone's feelings. You should find time for yourself and do what makes you happy.

4. You easily attract broken people

The strangest thing is, other people can pick up on your empathy vibes. It is as hard to explain as it is to experience. When you're an empath, you don't really have a lot of control over the people you attract. It's like you are the universe's beacon of hope, standing guard as you wait for broken souls. You could find yourself being approached in public by total strangers.

5. You're easily affected by large crowds of people

Since you can pick up on people's energy, large groups could be very uncomfortable. You will feel like you have a thousand voices in your head, each trying to get your attention. The remedy for this is to find something distracting to do, like listening to music or reading a book.

6. You can't just live anywhere

This may sound like a weird thing, but empaths can pick up on the world's energy. If you're an empath, you'll find yourself drawn to quiet and serene areas as compared to loud areas. This is because you can literary pick up on the vibe of the place you're in, and you can feel its pain and other emotions.

7. You're very sensitive

As an empath, you don't just see other people's pain; you experience it to the core. When you see those crying, tears uncontrollably flow from you. As a result of this, you can be termed as overly sensitive.

8. You can see through lies

When you're an empath, you can tell what someone is feeling. This also applies when someone is lying. Hard as it is to put to words, you can tell a lie from how a person behaves and how they deliver the message.

9. Emotional healing is your gift

When you spend time with a person who is hurting, you tend to do them a lot of good. You could be just listening to them, but what you let out is a warm embrace. This goes a long way in emotionally healing the person you're hearing out.

10. You ignore your own problems

This is something almost all empaths can identify with. You end up giving all your time, energy, and efforts to what others are feeling. Thus, it is almost impossible for you to have time to tackle your own problems. This can be dangerous in the long run. To remedy this, take a few moments now and then and focus solely on yourself.