Begging Is Not For A Strong Woman When She Feels Unwanted

Begging Is Not For A Strong Woman When She Feels Unwanted

Here is a story every woman probably knows from personal experience:

She meets a guy. He's great, so she likes him. She feels that he has similar feelings toward her. Then there is a date, and there was certainly a connection. She was getting more convinced that she had found the man she needed in her life with every passing moment.

All things were going as expected. Everything was a beautiful dream, and she was falling for him and imagining a future together.

Then everything that could go wrong went wrong. He leaves, and she has no idea why.

Now, all she does is wish that he will come back and apologize after realizing his mistake. She wants to believe that the guy was as into her as she thought he was; and that he also envisioned the future she dreamed about for the two of them.

Even if this has not been your story, It probably sounds pretty familiar.

Essentially, you meet someone, and when you open your heart to them, they decide to disappoint you by deciding not to give you their love, time, or effort.

Most women would react by giving into feelings of anger, telling the guy what a huge mistake he has made by letting you go. This might sound like the right path for many people, as it shows that you can fight for your love and have the bravery to speak your mind.

But you should actually do the opposite. The attention you are giving him through phone calls and texts will only make him less inclined to come back. And even if that is not your intention, you will only end up fitting into the crazy ex stereotype as far as he is concerned.

So, although letting go might be hard, learn to take a hint. When you realize that someone does not want you in their life, don't bother to make it work. You should leave when you feel unwanted.

The hurt you might be going through is understandable since you will realize that you have been putting a lot of effort, time, and love into a relationship that was not going anywhere. So, instead of trying to validate your efforts by trying to get him back, you should just let it be and move on with your life.

You probably saw all the signs but were so hopeful and optimistic about the relationship to give them serious consideration. At one time or another, you probably had the instinct to leave, but you couldn't. Instead, you waited until he left.

There is an important lesson to be learned here.

If a man has decided he wants to go, don't struggle to hold onto him. You should not go crazy and work yourself into a fit over any guy in an effort to keep him in your life.

The truth is that any man that treats you in this manner was not worth it in the first place, and any more effort to keep him around when he has already made up his mind to leave is an even greater waste of time, effort, and opportunities for finding the right partner for you.

Besides, there are a lot of great men out there who would appreciate the chance to be part of your life. So, you should never have to beg a man to stick around if you feel unappreciated.