Before You Start Hitting On That Hot Single Dad, Make Sure You Know These Things

Although some women may hesitate to date a man with children, it's important not to completely dismiss the idea of dating a single dad. Many of them possess outstanding qualities such as commitment, responsibility, maturity, and a great capacity for care. Nonetheless, there are some downsides and considerations to keep in mind if you are considering a relationship with a single father.

1. He doesn't have baggage, he has children

It's crucial to acknowledge that while some women may view children as a burden, no parent does. Refrain from referring to a single father's kids as baggage, even in private thoughts, unless you're content with severing all ties. If you're fortunate enough to meet his children, keep in mind that you're not only dating him anymore but also his kids. If things don't work out, their hearts will be hurt too.

2. He has an ex that's not going away

When you're in a relationship with a man who has children, it's highly probable that there's a mother in the picture, and she'll always be present. You must learn to accept their connection, whether it's positive or negative, or move on because she isn't going anywhere. Your jealousy or distrust of her will not benefit him, so if you can't handle it, it's better to end the relationship as soon as possible or avoid it entirely.

3. His kids are always going to come first

When you're in a romantic relationship, you might want to be your partner's top priority, but when you become a parent, your children always come first. This doesn't imply that a single father can't love and provide emotional support to you, but his kids' welfare will always take precedence over everything else.

4.He's a single dad, not a deadbeat

It's unfair to assume that a single father is a deadbeat dad, as many people tend to do. In reality, some circumstances in life don't work out, and a single dad may take on the responsibility of parenting and strive to do the best he can.

5. He's busy. Like, really busy

Being a parent entails having a set of personal responsibilities in addition to those of another individual, making it a demanding job. Therefore, if it takes some time for a single father to respond to your text or call or if he can only meet a few times a month, don't take it to heart. It's not a personal matter.

6. He'll probably want to go slow

It's important not to anticipate immediate involvement in a single dad's family life, such as attending Little League games and family vacations after only a few dates. He may prefer to take things slowly, particularly when it comes to his child's welfare. Even though he may be dating, he is unlikely to introduce his children to every woman he goes out with.

7. His free time is devoted to being a dad

Single dads have limited free time as they juggle work, household chores, piano lessons, and creating living room forts for their kids. Therefore, if you're searching for a partner who wants to spend every single moment with you, it's better to move on since a single dad simply doesn't have the time for that.

8. He already knows he's not the center of the universe

When you embrace your newborn for the first time, you come to a realization that you are no longer the most important person in your life. Your focus shifts towards that little one who now holds the center of your universe. For single fathers, this means they have already surpassed their egocentric viewpoint, and it's crucial to acknowledge that you won't be the center of their attention because that place is already occupied.

9. He takes responsibility seriously

Single fathers carry a significant amount of responsibility, and they handle it with great care. They won't engage in reckless behavior like drinking and driving or staying out late at clubs on ordinary weekdays. They have financial obligations to fulfill, and their little ones depend on them. Therefore, they prioritize responsibility, and they expect the same from the women they're seeing.

10. He's a role model

As a parent, you are always a role model, even if you don't intend to be one. This means that single fathers refrain from bad-mouthing their ex-partners, avoid public displays of affection while watching family movies like Finding Dory, and never smoke marijuana in front of their children. They prioritize being responsible adults, recognizing the impact their behavior has on their kids.

11. Overnights are going to be difficult

One of the toughest adjustments when dating a single dad is scheduling overnights. If he has full custody, finding a reliable babysitter at short notice can be as rare as a unicorn since his kids are always present. If he has partial custody, remember that weekends are reserved for family time, not sleepovers.

12. He's learned to love a quickie

Living with children teaches you to cherish and make the most of every moment since you never know when you'll have another chance. For instance, if the kids get engrossed in watching Paw Patrol, it might be an opportunity to sneak away for a quick moment of intimacy in the bathroom before the next commercial break.

13. He'll only get serious if you're mom material

For a single dad, a drama-free partner who appreciates kids and is emotionally stable is a must. He's not interested in someone to take care of but rather a true partner who's step-mom material and will care for him and his children. If this isn't you, it's best not to waste your time or his because the relationship won't work.