Before You Date An Aquarius, Know This

Before You Date An Aquarius, Know This

Aquarius babies, otherwise known as "The Water Bearers," are born between January 21 and February 20. We are unique souls that stand out for our independence, which comes with some creativity. We like to follow our instincts, and we can seem pretty stubborn if you get in our way.

But otherwise, if you can respect this, then you are in for a wild ride. Like everything else in life, knowing more about your Aquarius lover is half the battle. So, with that, here are some things you should know as you date one of us.

1. We Trust, Then We Open Up

Although we have no problem making our thoughts known when with other people, we try to keep our boyfriends from knowing our vulnerabilities. We can easily relate to anyone and offer advice on various issues. But in our own relationships, opening up is a challenge. We are a little secretive and have to trust before we lay bare our souls.

2. We Value Some "Me Time"

We absolutely love the time we spend with loved ones. However, once in a while, we like to take some time off, including from our romantic partners, to enjoy some "me time".

3. We Love Creativity

We love the concept of creating things, and if you look closely, we are always doing this. That makes us great partners because we are always distracted by something fun and exciting even when our relationships are not going so well.

4. We Mean Well, Although It Might Not Seem So

Although we are bubbling with some creative ideas, we may not always know how to get them across. This can get a little hard on the guy dating us. But know that behind this unpredictability are the best of intentions. We are not out to offend anyone, and we like to go with the flow and what feels right. It's just the way our minds are wired.

5. Sentimental Value Matters More Than Monetary Value

When you are getting us a gift, don't think going all out and spending a small fortune will get us excited. Few people hate expensive gifts, obviously, but know that a sentimental gift might impress us more. So, that engraved bracelet might win our admiration more than those glittering expensive earrings.

6. We Hate Fights

Granted, most people hate fights. But you will not catch us starting fights or confrontations. Unfortunately, we can say words we might not mean. That is why penning things down is the best way to make our thoughts known, as we can filter those wayward words.

7. Our Relationship with Money Is "Complicated"

Our independence goes a little too far, by some standards. Though I guess some guys would appreciate it. For instance, we don't mind paying for our own meals, even on dates. But splitting the bill when it means paying for more than we ate is not something we like.

8. We Focus on The Best In You

Nobody is perfect, but we like to see the best in everyone. That is why we can date all kinds of men, and we like people who follow their hearts. We try to look past other people's flaws and give them the benefit of the doubt. But if you break our hearts, don't count on getting a second chance.