Bedtime Stories That Can Make Her Sleep Happy

How has your girlfriend been sleeping lately? If she has not been going to sleep with a smile on her face, then you can do so using these amazing bedtime stories.

As you know, love is one of the best feelings you can experience; it makes you want to make your significant other happy in every way. Additionally, performing acts of service is one of the most effective ways of making your partner feel loved and appreciated.

That is why telling bedtime stories that can make her sleep happy is one of the many beautiful things you can do for your partner.

Bedtime stories are typically told to kids. Fortunately, times have changed, and everyone appreciates beautiful stories that could put them to sleep.

Girls love stories, which is why telling your girlfriend some stories would put a smile on her face. The tone of your voice and the cuteness of the story will send her to dreamland in no time.

What Can Bedtime Stories Do For Your Relationship?

Bedtime Stories That Can Make Her Sleep Happy

You might be wondering how bedtime stories can help your relationship in the long run. Note that the type of story you tell her matters a lot as it will either make her happy or give her nightmares.

So, you can spice up your relationship using bedtime stories. The stories can create more intimacy with your girlfriend and strengthen the bond you share.

Also, bedtime stories come in handy if your girlfriend has had a long day or has trouble sleeping.

Couples in long-distance relationships would benefit greatly from this little act of romance. Long-distance relationships are not easy, and they constantly test the level of love and commitment that exists between partners.

Those in this situation miss their partners all the time and end up doing a countdown to their next meet-up. Sleeping alone can be difficult in this case, so telling romantic bedtime stories that can make her sleep happy.

How To Make Your Bedtime Stories More Interesting

Bedtime Stories That Can Make Her Sleep Happy

Girls get enticed with cute love stories and happy endings, so make sure you satisfy this need. Give your romantic love stories a happy ending based on her desires in your relationship.

Also, add details about your relationship to the story to show her how much you value your relationship.

Sometimes, communicating your emotions through the story makes it more beautiful and gives her a special feeling. Always remember to spice up your story; make it catchy, sweet, flirty, and romantic.

Some women believe in fairy tales like Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, or Snow White. To tell the perfect story to your girlfriend, be sure to read these masterpieces.

Those who have no stories prepared have nothing to worry about, as we have made a wonderful collection of bedtime stories that can make her sleep happy.

Tips To Picking The Best Bedtime Story That Makes Her Sleep Happy

Bedtime Stories That Can Make Her Sleep Happy

Not all stories have the ability to pass the right emotion, warmth, and love. So, your girlfriend's mood is very important as you pick a bedtime story.

If you do not understand her state of mind, it would be difficult for you to ease her stress. Therefore, in addition to being abreast of her personal life, you need to know the situation of her professional life as well. Understanding her mood would help you pick great bedtime stories for her.

Any story told in her lover's voice is bound to entice her, but be sure to fulfill her hidden desires. Pay attention to her mood before diving into a specific genre.

If your girlfriend is a fan of action, mystery, or thriller stories, telling her thriller or horror bedtime stories that can make her sleep happy. To brighten up your girlfriend's mood after a hard day, tell her funny bedtime stories. Cute bedtime stories could also suffice in this case.

If your girlfriend misses you a lot and finds it difficult sleeping without you, telling her romantic or funny bedtime stories will lighten her mood and give her a beautiful night.

Also, remember that relationships go through ups and downs, and she might be feeling lousy after a recent speed bump in your relationship. To raise her hopes for better days, you can tell a story that shows that things will get better. However, if your relationship is on a blissful note, you could spice things up by telling an intimate or naughty story. Make the bedtime stories short and exciting.

Finally, before you tell her a bedtime story, create a good environment for her. Scented candles always do the trick, so light up a few. You could also use dim lights to bring out the room's ambiance. Also, start the story with small talk about her day; ensure she's tucked in properly.

Cute Bedtime Stories That Can Make Her Sleep Happy

Bedtime Stories That Can Make Her Sleep Happy

To give your girlfriend some of that mushy feeling, tell her cute bedtime stories that can make her sleep happy. This kind of story tells her how love can endure through the hard times.

1. A Time To Remember

Bedtime Stories That Can Make Her Sleep Happy

Have you ever wondered what you would do if the love of your life had a few months left to live? This was Jack's situation. His lover suffered from several diseases, leading to a chronic illness.

Doctors tried their best and finally advised her to make the best of the little time she had left. Her only way out was to get an organ urgently. Making memories and being happy was the only thing she could do.

Jack would visit her at the hospital, take her on walks and buy her delicious meals. Whenever he couldn't make it to the hospital, he would video chat with her all day long. Jack did all these things with the hope that one day, she would recover. She always tried to hide her pain from him and wear a smile whenever he was around.

Without her knowing, Jack filled out a form so he could be her organ donor. A day before the transplant, he visited her, and she had no idea this was supposed to be the last time she would see him.

He never stopped telling her how much he loved her and how far he could go to keep her happy.

While reporting for his surgery the next day, he was told it wasn't necessary. He was shocked to hear that the love of his life had gotten the organs she needed from another donor. She was finally going to recover, and they would be happy together without having to worry about her health constantly.

2. My Love Is Enough

Bedtime Stories That Can Make Her Sleep Happy

A pretty lady from a wealthy home fell in love with an average young man from her neighborhood. The class difference was obvious, and her parents disapproved of the relationship. Nevertheless, she maintained her relationship with the man.

She would always sneak out of the house without permission to visit her love. They would go on dates, play, tell jokes and enjoy each other's company without anyone interfering. This went on until one day, she couldn't find him where they usually met.

However, every day she would go to their usual spot to wait for him so they could have fun, but he never showed up. This broke her heart, but she never gave up. One day, she decided to go but decided it would be her last time there.

To her surprise, he showed up. She was angry at him, but her anger disappeared when he unveiled the beautiful playhouse he was building for her. He told her to accept this token of his love as he knew she lived in a mansion, and a small house would be nothing compared to what she had.

He promised to love her every day and meet her needs even with his little earnings. This made her realize that their love alone was enough for them and that it was all they needed to live happily.

Funny Bedtime Stories That Can Make Her Sleep Happy

Bedtime Stories That Can Make Her Sleep Happy

Everyone needs excitement in their life. Funny bedtime stories would be the best remedy if your girlfriend had a bad day. Tell her these funny bedtime stories that can make her sleep with a smile on her face.

I Love Mushrooms

Bedtime Stories That Can Make Her Sleep Happy

A lady loved to eat all sorts of food and couldn't care less about exercising. One day it hit her that she was adding a lot of weight and that some of her dresses were no longer her size.

Eventually, she found love and married the man of her dreams. Some weeks later, she quit wearing sexy nightdresses and lingerie and replaced them with pajamas and baggy clothes.

Her husband noticed the change and asked her about it. Looking all teary and cute, she replied: "I always look like a mushroom in those dresses!"

He turned to her, baffled, and said, "I love mushrooms! They're beautiful" This statement made her smile, and she started wearing nightdresses and lingerie again.

2. An Unexpected Proposal

Bedtime Stories That Can Make Her Sleep Happy

A couple had been together for a long time, therefore, a proposal was being expected. One day, the boyfriend asked his girlfriend a shocking question: "Will you do me the honor of attending my wedding when you get an invite?"

The shocked girlfriend couldn't have expected her boyfriend to ask her such a question. She had been dreaming of the day he would go down on one knee and propose to her.

While still in shock, she asked: "What did you just say to me? Please tell me this is a joke. Who are you going to marry?" She had so many questions on her mind.

Her boyfriend laughed hysterically, approached her, and said: "You have it all wrong, my love! I was only inviting you to my wedding as the bride. I want to marry you. Will you do me the honor of accepting my invitation?"

She was amazed because his response was so unexpected. The girlfriend jumped with gladness and gave him a resounding "Yes!" with a kiss.

Romantic Bedtime Stories That Can Make Her Sleep Happy

Bedtime Stories That Can Make Her Sleep Happy

Romantic stories can rekindle the love two partners share. These stories are very relatable and enticing. So, use these stories to spice up your romantic story and watch her smile.

1. A Secret Romance

Bedtime Stories That Can Make Her Sleep Happy

Arya fell in love with her crush and kept it to herself for a long time. At some point, she felt overwhelmed and knew she couldn't hide her secret for much longer.

She couldn't control herself, and she found herself smiling nonstop at everyone she met. Thankfully, they would smile back at her without asking any questions. Her love for her crush increased, and she wrote silly stories in her diary about her feelings.

Eventually, her secret got out when someone read her diary. Her crush learned about her feelings for him.

To her horror, she was approached by her crush, but to her surprise, he invited her out on a date. He admitted that he was also crushing on her. Her joy was finally complete.

2. Love Triumphs

Bedtime Stories That Can Make Her Sleep Happy

A man was on a road trip with his wife, and they were riding a motorbike. The man asked his wife: "How much do you love me?"

She answered: "More than you can imagine."

He went ahead to ask her to hold him tightly and take off the helmet on his head and wear it. She was confused at his request but did what he requested.

The following day, it was announced that a motorbike got into an accident due to brake failure. The man had not survived, but his wife survived the accident with minor injuries.

The man saved his wife by offering her his helmet. He had told her to hold him because he wanted to feel her body against his for the last time.

Final Thoughts On Bedtime Stories To Make Her Happy

Bedtime Stories That Can Make Her Sleep Happy

Bedtime stories bring couples closer than ever. So, in addition to the stories above, find other heartwarming bedtime stories for your girlfriend and watch her go to bed with a smile every day.

These beautiful stories help express the feelings hidden deep inside our hearts. Remember, a very long story will be boring, and it might not put her to sleep in an intended manner. So, learn to keep your bedtime stories short and spicy.