4 Heartwarming Bedtime Stories For Your Girlfriend That Will Send Her To Sleep Smiling

4 Heartwarming Bedtime Stories For Your Girlfriend That Will Send Her To Sleep Smiling

Have you ever witnessed your girlfriend come back from work exhausted, and you want to help her relieve stress as well as put a smile on her face? Ever thought about bedtime stories for your girlfriend? Maybe not, because you may be among the few people who assume bedtime stories are only for little kids and not grown women. Well, you thought wrong.

Research has proven that most women get more attracted to their partners when they hear their voice in a low and romantic conversation, and what better way to do that than a bedtime story for your girlfriend?!

Relationships are beautiful, especially when you two are totally into each other, but they can also demand some work to keep the fire burning. Imagine meeting the love of your life a few weeks before she travels abroad for a job. You know she is the one for you, but the distance is too wide to be covered.

How would you maintain your communication as well as chemistry? Can bedtime stories for your girlfriend help, and how?

4 Heartwarming Bedtime Stories For Your Girlfriend That Will Send Her To Sleep Smiling

Long-distance relationships are not always meant to end badly. Today, technology and the internet have made a lot of things easier for couples. It's not simple but not impossible.

Thanks to apps like Skype, Facetime, etc., an expensive and over-priced ticket isn't always needed for you to see your partner.

But here is the problem: sometimes doing the same thing over again gets boring, and you may run out of ideas on activities you can do together, significantly when apart.

You may never have thought of it, but bedtime stories for your girlfriend may just be a way to keep your relationship going and ensure you are in her thoughts when she goes to sleep.

You also don't need to be in a long-distance relationship before telling your girlfriend a bedtime story. Surprise her with this romantic side of you, and you won't regret it.

Here are some perfect bedtime stories for your girlfriend which work every time.

Finding The Best Bedtime Stories For Your Girlfriend To Fit The Mood

4 Heartwarming Bedtime Stories For Your Girlfriend That Will Send Her To Sleep Smiling

Most times, we read body language. That way, we can know what our partner needs at that moment. Did she have a bad day at work and will need some cheering up? Then a funny story will do. Is the evening an uneventful one, and do you want to change it to something moreā€¦ interesting?

A steamy story would be the perfect solution. Or do you feel happy and want to give her a little insight into just how you feel about her? Romantic bedtime stories for your girlfriend are romantic gestures!

Funny Bedtime Stories For Your Girlfriend

4 Heartwarming Bedtime Stories For Your Girlfriend That Will Send Her To Sleep Smiling

The best way to make your girl laugh is to tell her a personal story about you. But fear not if you can't remember one at that moment. We gotcha!

Now, let's dive into some exciting bedtime stories for your girlfriend.

Super Detective Mom

4 Heartwarming Bedtime Stories For Your Girlfriend That Will Send Her To Sleep Smiling

A mom once went to visit her son and noticed he had a very surprising roommate. She was a gorgeous girl. So pretty that his mother could not believe they were just friends. She became even more curious when she watched the two of them interact during dinner. There was no way these two were just friends, she thought.

The son was very smart and understood what his mother was thinking.

"I know what you must be thinking," he chuckled, "but believe me, Mama, we are just roommates."

A week later, after his mom left, his roommate came to him saying:

"Ever since your mother left last week, I haven't been able to find my customized coffee mug. You don't think your mother took it, do you?"

He said:

"Your coffee mug? Well, I doubt it, but I'll text her in case she saw it!"

He sat down and wrote:

"Hi, Mama,

After you left last week, a customized coffee mug has been missing. I'm not saying that you took the coffee mug from my house, and I'm not saying that you didn't take it, but the fact remains that it has been missing ever since you left last week.


Your son"


A few days later, he received a text from his mother which said:

"Dear Son,

I am not saying that you do sleep with your friend-roommate, and I'm not saying that you don't, but the fact remains that if she were sleeping in her bed, she would have found out that the coffee mug was under her pillow.



And voila! The mystery has been solved.

One Of The Funniest Bedtime Stories For Your Girlfriend: World's Smartest Grandma

4 Heartwarming Bedtime Stories For Your Girlfriend That Will Send Her To Sleep Smiling

An old lady went to the bank to deposit some money, and she asked to see the bank president, and her request was declined. After much persistence, the employee gave in and went to look for the president.

The bank president asked her how much she intended to deposit. $205,000, she answered.

The president was curious about how she had such a huge amount of money in cash, so he asked. The old lady answered, "I make bets."

Taken aback by her reply, the president asked: "What kind of bets?"

The old lady gave a coy smile, "For example, I can bet you $25,000 that your balls are blue and square".

The president laughed, "That doesn't even make sense. Do you want to bet me that my balls are square and blue? For $25000? That's a bad joke."

Unfazed by his behavior, the older woman asked. "How about we make a bet? By 9 am tomorrow, I'll bet you $25000 that your blues will be square and blue. "

"Well, count me in." the president replied. "9 am on the dot."


The old lady then added. "If you would permit me, I would love to come with my lawyer tomorrow due to the size of the bet."

"It's fine with me," said the president.

Later in the day, the president was deep in thought because of the bet and spent a long time in front of his mirror, closely checking his balls in all directions repeatedly to make sure that his balls could not be seen as square, and he would surely win this bet.

By precisely 9 am the next day, the president then pulled his pants down so that everyone could see everything.

The old lady then asked the president if she could feel his balls to be more confident. The president considered the money involved and agreed. Immediately the old lady touched his balls, and she started smiling.

At that point, the president noticed the lawyer banging his head against the wall and groaning.

Concerned, he asked the old lady, "What's his problem?"

With the biggest grin, she replied, "I made a $100,000 bet with him that today, around 9 am, the balls of the president of the bank of America will be in my very hands."

Romantic Bedtime Stories For Your Girlfriend

4 Heartwarming Bedtime Stories For Your Girlfriend That Will Send Her To Sleep Smiling

Romantic bedtime stories for your girlfriend are always the best to set the mood and build a greater bond. Make your girl see as prince charming with the perfect story for the night.

It can be a classic fairytale-like Princess and The Pea or Cinderella. It can also be a Nicholas Sparks story or the Time traveler's wife. Or it can be a short and cheesy story that will melt her heart away.

Love Without Bounds

4 Heartwarming Bedtime Stories For Your Girlfriend That Will Send Her To Sleep Smiling

A teacher lived alone with his wife. They didn't have much, but they were content.

One day, his wife asked him to buy her a hairbrush as she loved her hair so much. The man was extremely sad because he really couldn't afford it. He explained to his wife that he didn't even have enough money to fix the only pair of shoes he needed for an interview that week.

The next day, he set out to work and passed by a cobbler's shop, sold his lousy pair of shoes for a flimsy price, and went to a shop and got the hairbrush for his wife. That evening, he came home with the hairbrush in his pocket, ready to present it to his wife. Lo and behold, his wife's pretty hair was gone!


She had cut her hair and sold it. And in her hands was a pair of brand new shoes for her husband. Tears flowed from their eyes as they never expected to find such a level of selflessness and love in someone else.

One Of The Most Romantic Bedtime Stories For Your Girlfriend Drunken Devotion

4 Heartwarming Bedtime Stories For Your Girlfriend That Will Send Her To Sleep Smiling

A married man once went out with his friends to a bar and came back home drunk. He throws up and passes out on the floor. His wife carries him and cleans him up.

The next day when he wakes up, he suddenly remembers the events of the night before. He becomes nervous about his wife's behavior, expecting her to be mad at him and have a little argument.

To his surprise, she is all smiley and friendly to him. She even writes him a note on the table beside his hangover soup.

"Darling, take this soup after you have taken some painkillers. You should have some rest today because yesterday was such a long day. I am off to the grocery store. I love you."

At this point, he was scared. This wasn't the reaction he was expecting from her at all!

He asked his son if he knew anything about last night and his wife's behavior.

His son answered, "I guess she is happy. Last night when mom tried to carry you to bed and take off your dirty shoes and t-shirts, you were completely drunk, and you kept on shouting."

"Hey, woman! Take your hands off me. I am married. I have a pretty wife at home, and you have nothing on her."

Things To Consider When Choosing Bedtime Stories For Your Girlfriend

4 Heartwarming Bedtime Stories For Your Girlfriend That Will Send Her To Sleep Smiling

Now we have written some stories that will surely win your girl's heart, but we still have some things to tell you that will earn you some brownie points.

Try to use a real-life event: Bedtime stories for your girlfriend have more impact if they happened. Like a funny story that happened to you or a story about you two having a happy ending. It makes her feel you are serious about her and want to take the relationship to the next level.

Make her the main character: In a lovely romantic story about a fictional future, you should make her the main character. If it's a story about castles, make her the queen, a story about lovers makes her the price. Just make her feel extra special.

Happy forever after: Nobody likes a sad ending. Telling your girlfriend bedtime stories with happy endings will not just make her happy but give her an affirmation that you believe in your happy endings too.That is why you should focus on telling her bedtime stories that will make her sleep happy.