A Guide To Becoming Your Own Best Friend In 8 Easy Steps

A Guide To Becoming Your Own Best Friend

There's no one you know more than yourself, and there's no one you can trust more than yourself. So, why not be your own best friend?

It is vital to stay true to yourself to fulfill your growth potential. Moreover, it can help you deal with feelings such as insecurity and loneliness in a healthy way.

You can learn to be your true friend by cultivating positive habits and following certain principles. It may seem strange initially, but as you go on, you will appreciate yourself more.

This article will walk you through all you need to know to make this relationship stronger.

Why Is It Important To Be Your Own Best Friend?

A Guide To Becoming Your Own Best Friend In 8 Easy Steps

You may have a lot of friends and family, yet your relationship with yourself is core to your being. So, it should be strong.

No matter what your profession, socioeconomic status, or relationship with others is, being your own best friend is more important. It is crucial to your growth.

At the same time, the more you invest your time and energy in yourself, the better you will know about your feelings and flaws. This way, you can find better approaches to manage any problems that may come your way.

Also, having fun is a part of being a best friend. So, as your own friend, you will not have to depend on anyone to bring you happiness.

How To Be Your Own Best Friend

A Guide To Becoming Your Own Best Friend

Becoming a trustworthy and reliable friend takes a lot more effort than it meets the eye. So, take time out for yourself and indulge in self-love. This guide can help you achieve this if you are finding it hard to do so.

Acceptance Is The Key

A Guide To Becoming Your Own Best Friend

A true friend will always accept you for who you are no matter what the world says. So, the primary step you must take to be your own best friend is to accept yourself.

As a friend, accept yourself, knowing that you are not perfect and will never be. Love yourself for all your good, bad, and the ugly.

Be Aware Of Who You Truly Are

A Guide To Becoming Your Own Best Friend

To accept yourself, you must be aware of who you truly are. A true friend always listens to you closely, takes an active part in your interests, and tells you when you are losing yourself.

You will have to understand your inner workings to achieve that. So, listen to your feelings, thoughts, dreams, beliefs, and motivations carefully.

Do Not Judge; Understand

A Guide To Becoming Your Own Best Friend

True friends are not only aware of who you indeed are; they understand it as well. Therefore, to be your own best friend, you need to understand yourself beyond the surface.

The world may see your flaws and assume bad things about you, but your friend will understand where it is coming from. So, when you are paying attention to your inner workings, analyze without judging.

Be Kind To Yourself

A Guide to Becoming Your Own Best Friend

Humans are compassionate beings, but at times, we can be insensitive towards ourselves. So, do not forget this innate nature and show empathy to yourself.

Here's how you can be kind to yourself:

Always be gentle with yourself.

Forgive yourself for your past mistakes.

Be there for yourself.

Set achievable goals.

Write down what you love about yourself.

Always maintain a healthy routine.

Take breaks when required.

Support And Comfort Yourself

A Guide To Becoming Your Own Best Friend

Support and comfort are crucial aspects of friendship. So, know when to be there for yourself and when just to lay down and relax.

When you are in distress, rely on yourself before looking for help outside. Most importantly, learn how to support yourself healthily.

If there is something that is upsetting you, focus on the problems directly. Never indulge yourself in distractions such as self-pity or addictions.

To be comfortable in your own company, you will have to stop waiting for others to start something. Do you want to travel to a beach? Or, you want to catch that movie? Get up and go for it without waiting for others.

Treat Yourself

A Guide to Becoming Your Own Best Friend

A best friend will never let you feel lonely. So, a part of letting you know you are there for yourself is by showing physical gestures.

Here are some activities that can make sure you treat yourself right:

Do you like flowers? They are not restricted to romantic love. You can indulge in self-love and colorful flowers.

Buy all the little things you wish someone gifted you.

Get a massage.

Do a random act of kindness now and then.

Compliment Yourself And Mean It

A Guide to Becoming Your Own Best Friend

Self-love, trusting yourself, and self-worth are intricately tied. Therefore, you should be confident in yourself to be your own best friend.

So, every time you do something good, no matter big or small, praise yourself. By acknowledging your achievements and growth, you can control what makes you capable. Most importantly, do not let others define success and happiness for you.

Every time you fail, do not equate your worthiness to your failures or success. As a good friend, approach it with a sense of humor and a positive outlook.

Honor Your Needs

A Guide To Becoming Your Own Best Friend

To be in a fulfilled relationship with yourself, you need to provide what you need. Therefore, if you need something out of life, prioritize it and make it happen. For instance, if you are not satisfied with a job or a relationship, you should end it.

Give yourself the space and time to reflect on your values, wants, and needs. By honoring your needs, you honor yourself as a true friend would.

Final Thoughts On Becoming Your Own Best Friend

A Guide To Becoming Your Own Best Friend

Sometimes, you can forget what an exciting and lovely person you are! So, enjoy every second you spend with yourself without waiting on anybody.

Once you are on the journey to becoming your own best friend, you will realize the infinite beauty of this relationship.

If you are there for yourself, you can be there for your loved ones as well. So go on and watch that movie, listen to that song on repeat, and read that book all over again! You know what your favorites are better than anybody.