Become More Attractive With These 9 Behavioral Tips

Become More Attractive With These 9 Behavioral Tips

Every girl dreams of the day she will wake up to a different reality, being more attractive than she actually is, strolling down the street, catching stolen glances and drooping stares from both obvious and silent admirers, and so and so on.

Listen. Your dream is not entirely invalid. Scientists are now in agreement that what we term as attractive does not have to fetch from our genetics only.


With just a little more effort, almost anyone can look like what they've always wanted. Sounds perfect, right?

Granted, what efforts are we referring to in this context?

1. Become More Attractive By Cultivating Optimism

Many people have not discovered that an optimistic attitude towards life is just about the most attractive thing they can wear up their sleeves. No one likes a grouchy and broody personality.


So, make it your duty to always wear a smile first thing in the morning and as you go about your day's business. People cannot help but notice a happy person and will even stop to ask what makes you so happy.

Laugh often and add some sense of humor to your life, besides not taking yourself and life too seriously. The world has got too many challenges already and we don't want to be adding salt to the injury with a nasty personality.


2. Being 'Easy' Will Enhance Your Appeal

A new survey carried out on what men like most about women for relationships that will last till marriage showed 'easiness' as being among the top three priorities for 68% of the men who participated in that survey. These were rated as more attractive than their counterparts who were relatively 'strict', 'serious' and 'no-nonsense' personalities.


As earlier implied, no one will vouch for you if all you have to offer is a lemony experience in their mouths.

How well you relax, the number of hours you sleep, and your overall feeding habits will contribute a lot to your general mood and ease so better do yourself a favor and rest plenty.

3. An Enlightened Mind Is Attractive

"Intelligence is sexy", is a statement I've heard over and over again. Quintessential blonde-girl sentiments are not selling anymore, so have something that's worth more than a bargain.


Feed your mind.

Have something to offer.

Ask questions.

Prove that you are able to hold up intelligent conversations.

No one likes it when all a woman can talk about is the latest fashion trend or the color of their lipstick.

4. Look Out For Your Posture

There is no first impression as intimidating to a man as a woman who walks chin up, shoulders out and heads up, all the time looking straight into your eyes as if seeing right through you.


We are not trying to intimidate our counterparts of-course, but you get the point.

What I'm putting through is that self-confidence alone; your composure, the way you walk, talk and general body language will make you appear more attractive and earn you those extra points you're looking for.

5. Grooming Works Wonders

Ladies, not to forget good grooming!


Just because you're single and seeing no one, or married and no longer dating, does not give you license to look just ordinary.

Simple habits such as exfoliating your lips, face, and heels, tweezing your eyebrows and doing your facials, manicures, and pedicures, will increase your overall appeal.

Remember that working on becoming more attractive or even striking must begin with how we want to feel about ourselves vis-a-vis pleasing the crowds.


6. Dress For Your Body Type

Becoming more attractive does not have to be as costly as some of us are budgeting for.

Body image consultants note that most body image issues that we women have can easily be fixed by how we dress, rather than the price tag on the dress.

And of-course the right colors to go with that.

Wear outfits and colors that accentuate the favorite parts of your body while concealing what you've not come to grips with, says image consultant, Imogen. This will boost your confidence and add that spring to your step while enhancing your appeal.


7. Wear The Right Make-Up

Nothing screams "off" as a woman who wears make-up that does not sit well with their tone of complexion and still insists on overloading on it. In a bid to make themselves more attractive, some end up losing it altogether.

Make yourself more appealing by wearing just the right amount of makeup and one that definitely suits your complexion.


Visit a professional make-up consultant if you have to. A lot of what we get from life is what we have invested, and this applies to how we look as well.

8. Wear Heels, Wear Red!

As simple as this may sound, wearing heels actually accentuate your overall look as a woman and makes you appear more confident and sexier.

So does wearing red.

A recent article published in the journal of experimental psychology states that "red displays in the animal kingdom often indicate sexual interest and availability, complemented by the cultural connotations of red with passion and sex."


Going with that observation ladies, why not shine that red in your favorite pair of heels too?

9. Forgive And Let Go

Harsh as this sounds, harbored bitterness and anger will at the end of the day show on your face whether you want it or not.

Psychologists suggest that most physical diseases and, in this case, aging skin, will almost always result from the emotional baggage we keep dragging around.


I have some practical advice that will do you good.

Don't allow some nasty individuals to dampen both your mood and your appearance. Let go of the stress and see how much more attractive you will become!