Yaaay! Christmas is here. And this is for you, ladies.

If you have a lovely bearded man in your life, this festive season has something special you can share and enjoy. And it’s probably not what you think. So, stay with me.  

If the Christmas bug has already caught you. And your family and friends are already getting hints about what surprises you have planned for them, then you should get in on this ASAP.

Have You Considered Chrismas Beard Lights Yet? No? Then You Should.

Here’s the scoop.

1. They Are Easy To Wear

That’s right. You will not have to put your engineering degree to work to get these lights attached to your man’s facial hair. 

They will easily clip into his hair without you having to tug or pull at your man’s beard. Obviously, that also means you will have an easy time getting them off once the novelty wears off. But I seriously doubt it will.

2. You Get Lights And Ornaments Too

A set comprises three red lights and three green lights. On top of that, you will get many kinds of ornaments that will give your man a truly fun and adorable look.

3. They’ll Last

Really? Yes, because they run on replaceable lithium-ion batteries, that’s why. So, this is not just a cheap Christmas gimmick. It is a real Christmas ‘decoration’ that will give you a lot of memorable times. 

In case the lights go off, you can just get to the battery compartment, get rid of the worn out batteries, pop in fresh ones and off you go.

4. They Go By The Name Beardments

A pretty cool name, right? From marrying the words beard and ornaments by the way, in case you are still trying to understand what we are talking about.

5. Ladies, You Can Get In On The Fun As Well

Sure, they are called beardments, and so it should be a no-brainer they are meant for hairy gents. But you can have some fun with them as well. You just have to wear them on your hair.

So, you might need an extra set so that the two of you can share the fun. It’d would make the Christmas memorable, or crazy. Am I right?

6. You Don’t Have A Choice

You definitely have to get yourself these unusual Christmas accessories. You have to agree: they are creative, decorative, and lots of fun. If you are like me, you are probably kicking yourself for not learning about them sooner. But worry not, the Christmas season is just starting, there is still plenty of time to place your order and have some fun.

Honestly, Santa won’t see this coming. Not with all this magical powers. But I’m sure he’ll be impressed, as we all are.