Bear Sneaks Up On A Group Of Calm Hikers

Bear Sneaks Up On A Group Of Calm Hikers

A terrifying moment captured as a giant black bear sneaks up on a group of female hikers taking photos.

While videos and photos of bears online look cute, it would be absolutely terrifying to encounter one in real life.

Though these animals rarely attack humans, they are fierce enough to turn you into a meal, so why risk it?

However, how would you react if you find yourself in an unexpected situation where a giant bear sneaks up on you?

bear sneaks up on a group of calm hikers

A group of hikers in Mexico kept their cool when a curious bear approached them from behind. The incident happened at a popular hiking trail at Chipinque Ecological Park in San Pedro Garza Garcia.

The footage of the incident has racked up more than two million views.

In the short clip, a large black bear approaches a group of hikers on the trail.

The bear then walks up to the group and stands up on its hind legs while curiously sniffing around one of the hikers.

As the bear gets close, one woman holds her phone and snaps a selfie with the bear.

The footage shows the bear sniffing on the hiker's hair in another angle of the same incident.

Onlookers then try to distract the bear; however, it's preoccupied with sniffing the woman's head. And the hikers do their best to stay as still as possible as not to spook the bear.

After the videos of the incident surfaced online, netizens analyzed it from all angles.

bear sneaks up on a group of calm hikers

Some social media users observed that the bear looked all tame and appeared more curious than aggressive.

A few, however, found the whole situation as a dangerous one.

One person said:

This was super scary!!

She was super freaked! You can hear her fear when the bear nibbles her leg. I think the selfie was to distract herself from what really was happening!

Other Viewers Commended the Hikers for 'Keeping Their Cool'

bear sneaks up on a group of calm hikers

One commented:

It really is amazing how she was able to keep her composure—definitely a veteran hiker.

While another said:

We don't see the lead-up, but they handled themselves well.

If a black bear is this close to you, it's too late to scare them off unless they're attacking you, then you should fight back.

Otherwise, stay calm and don't run. Don't do that with a grizzly if they attack dead.

Nevertheless, it's advisable not to risk your life for a selfie with bears. Wildlife experts also highlight the need to stay calm and never come in between a mother bear and her cubs.