Bear Breaks Into Cabin, Steals Peanut Butter Cups, M&Ms, Sour Patch Kids, Beer

This sweet-toothed bear breaks into a cabin and steals candy, beer, Diet Coke, and allergy pills. Michelle Eberhart, a vacationer, revealed that the bear opened a locked door and forced its way into the cabin.

She and her friend were chatting inside the cottage while their husbands were out playing golf. That's when they noticed the bear outside the cabin.

Speaking to WATE-TV, Eberhart recalled:

"She just started pointing, and I was like, 'what?' and so I turned and looked, and there's a bear just putting his full force on the door. And then the door opens."

Eberhart told the outlet that they ran upstairs to hide in the bedroom while the bear wandered downstairs.

Frightened, Eberhardt called the cabin owner, who at first didn't believe there was a bear in the cabin. She and her friend also called their husbands, who laughed at them.

The cabin owner then called the police.

Though the women didn't have a clear view of what was happening downstairs, they captured photos and videos of the incident.

In the footage, the bear can be seen breaking open a door and entering the cabin.

Eberhart said:

"It knocked over the trash, it knocked over a book, and it destroyed a couple of decks of cards, and it scratched up a lot of stuff. There were scratches on the walls and the floor."

The bear also ate snacks and candy that were sitting on the kitchen counter and even took some outside.

Eberhart added:

"They got 5 pounds of Reese's Peanut Butter Cups and a pound of M&M's and two pounds of Sour Patch Kids and two bags of potato chips ... two beers and two Diet Cokes and about 20 Zyrtec."

Luckily, when the police arrived, the bear ran out of the house and jumped off the balcony, Eberhart said.

The officer also shooed off three other bears, who were roaming outside the cabin.

bear breaks into cabin, steals peanut butter cups, m&ms, sour patch kids, beer

Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency spokesperson Matthew Cameron told CNN that it's rare for bears to enter homes. But it does happen.

The spokesperson said the bears were 'probably yearling siblings that learned to look for human food from their mother.'

bear breaks into cabin, steals peanut butter cups, m&ms, sour patch kids, beer

At this time of the year, bears are surviving on emerging green vegetation, budding leaves, flowers, and insects.

Cameron said:

"Unfortunately, this lack of available, natural food drives some bears to seek out human foods and engage in nuisance behavior."

"This aggressive behavior will continue until the summer berries begin to ripen, but that's still over a month away."

The spokesperson added they would probably relocate the animals if they catch them.