Be Your Own First Priority! 8 Tips To Change The Way You Look At Yourself

Be Your Own First Priority! 8 Tips To Change The Way You Look At Yourself

Stop! Stop focusing on the boy down the street or the mean girls in the group. They don't matter. Those people might not even be here years from now.

Be the center of your picture. You are meant to shine and enjoy life. Embrace these key tasks throughout your day to uplift and empower yourself. It all starts with you . . . loving yourself.

Leave yourself love notes

Start leaving little post-it notes on your mirrors or just leave them around your house. Say things like:


You are really beautiful today

Your hair is amazing

Your soul shines like diamonds

Anyone would be lucky to have you

Furthermore, by seeing positive statements about yourself on a daily basis will help you believe them.

Don't talk negatively about yourself

If you start to think negatively about yourself, stop. This one is more difficult because you are breaking a bad habit, but you can do it!


When you walk past the mirror, and you know you are losing weight, you can't help but think about the weight you aren't losing. Stop and remind yourself how much you have lost.

Try to push the negative thoughts out and insert good thoughts. This can be very difficult at first which is why post-its will be your best friend.

Be mindful of the company you seek

The people you surround yourself with are very important. They can influence your thought process without even realizing it.


Hence, if you are surrounding yourself with people who like to talk bad about people and are all-around negative, you will begin to look at the negatives that surround you.

Likewise, when you're around people who are empowering each other and talking about positive topics, you will start to have a positive look at life. Hence why people typically feel better after walking out of the church.


Count your blessings

Go into the bathroom and look yourself in the face; then, say 5 things that you are blessed with. You should do this daily.

Initially, coming up with five things might seem very difficult when you first start, but you need to say them the most. You don't have to start big. The point is to start.

Make sure to look in a mirror while you do this task. You are telling yourself your blessings; therefore, eye contact is important.


Make a pact

Make yourself a promise to love yourself. Put yourself first. You deserve it. Promise yourself that you won't let others treat you poorly because you deserve the world.

Be true to this pact. Thus, if you notice yourself in situations where people are belittling you or being mean to you, remove yourself. Just being around negative talk can lower your self-esteem, so don't listen to it.


Furthermore, people who are meant to be in your life won't make you feel bad about who you are. They will help you fulfill your pact with yourself, not try to break it.

Splurge on yourself

Take a vacation or a shopping spree to invest in your well-being. You don't need to spend a lot of money; however, you need to invest in yourself.

If you have been meaning to buy that cute necklace you keep seeing or that book that just came out, do it! You focus enough on other people, but now you need to focus on yourself.


Date time with number one: you

Schedule one night a week for yourself. Grab a book you have wanted to finish or that movie you never get to watch and a nice tall glass of wine. Kick back on the couch and relax.

Furthermore, if you have kids, this is the night for the other parent to bond with the child. They can look after them while you take time just for you.


Everyone needs time to recoup. You are not being selfish.

Release the stress of the day

Take the time to breathe. Just take a moment right now to take a big breath in and let it out. Say out loud, "I release the stress of today." Then, let it pass.

This is extremely important to do regularly. If you let your stress build-up, it will explode like a volcano, probably when you don't want it to. Stresses build on each other.


Make sure to take the time to love yourself. When you love yourself, others will follow. You should be the star of your own show. Stand up for yourself.

No one else has walked your path and been through what you have. Therefore, the only one who really knows you is you. Everything starts from within.

Embrace your goodness. Love your darkness. Learn from your weakness. However, above all, roar with your strength.