Be Warned: These 4 Zodiac Signs Might Not Forgive You If You Betray Them

Be Warned: These 4 Zodiac Signs Might Not Forgive You If You Betray Them

When someone gives you all their trust, the worst thing you can do is betray them. It crushes their heart and fills it with contempt.

Betrayal Can Even Change A Person Forever

Some people change who they are once betrayed, and astrologers insist our zodiac signs might have clues on how we are likely to handle betrayal when it happens.

For now, let's have a look at four zodiac signs you never want to betray if at all you want forgiveness later. With these four astrological signs, you might never get a second chance, ever.

1. Aquarius

When betrayed, an Aquarius' first reaction is withdrawal. This is tempered with coldness, and a hidden emotional reaction to the pain you might not know about. What makes this sign confusing with betrayal and forgiveness is that an Aquarius can understand why you strayed.

But forgiveness might be off the table. They will see the betrayal as a lesson learned and move on for good, never intending to repeat that mistake again. That makes you a mistake in their books. And never to be repeated.

2. Capricorn

Betrayal rocks a Capricorn to the core, and they will bend over backward to put the painful experience behind them. That means drowning themselves in work or some project. But that hardly helps, since the pain and suffering they feel does not abate. They will long for an apology, for their own sakes.

When you are sorry for your betrayal, the Capricorn will emerge from their deep sorrow. Being truthful can be very helpful to a Capricorn. But make no mistakes about it, the indiscretion will not be forgiven.

3. Scorpio

The last thing you want to do if you care about your life is betraying a Scorpio. Revenge is one of their most powerful tools, and forgiveness hardly ever is. Being so sensitive, betrayals hit Scorpios hard, and they get obsessed with how badly they can repay back all the evil done to them. So, once you betray a Scorpio, your chance of living peacefully with them is over and done with. They will never relent in their desire to make you suffer as you made them suffer.

4. Taurus

A Taurus is a master at bottling up feelings. To them, betrayal is particularly hard to bear since they are so careful about who they trust. When betrayed, their whole world is turned upside down and they feel shame, pain, disappointment, frustration, sadness, and humiliation. After getting overwhelmed by these negative feelings, a Taurus will deliberately craft a revenge plan and put it to action when you least expect it. Seriously, you will never see it coming.

You probably know from experience that it's a grave mistake to cross some people. Not that you should ever betray anyone on purpose. But if you make this mistake, there are some things you should expect. For instance, don't expect forgiveness from these four zodiac signs. You might as well walk away. In fact, also watch your back because a revenge plan might be in the works for you.