Be The Only Choice, Not An Option

Be The Only Choice, Not An Option

Finding love is difficult in a world where everything seems to be fake and shallow. But that doesn't mean you have to settle for less than you deserve. You don't have to be with someone who doesn't appreciate you. Yes, you will find someone who will make you their number one, their only choice, and more than just another option.

You Deserve Better

Everyone deserves to find someone who will find value in them and realize that they are priceless. You should be with someone who doesn't notice anyone else and who won't spend time with you only when it's convenient.

You Don't Have To Be One Of Many

Some people find happiness in open relationships, but it should be a mutual decision. And if you're not into that, you shouldn't have to compete for your partner's attention. Even if the person makes you happy and gives you everything you want, if there's no loyalty, you shouldn't have to stick around. Someone who truly cares about you won't find it difficult to be loyal and true. They won't have to be asked to make you their top priority.

Be Wary Of Manipulation

If you're in a relationship with someone willing to make you one of many options, look out for manipulative behavior. Because it will be there. All relationships have flaws and compromises, but asking you to be okay with taking the backseat for others is not healthy. And you shouldn't have to accept it. Such a partner may manipulate you into thinking you're the only one. Follow your gut instinct and make sure you're not just an option. Sometimes, a person will have you dangling from a string. You could be uncertain if you're actually a couple or just 'friends with benefits'. Make sure you know where you stand.

You May Not Find Another Love Like This

If you are thinking about all the nice things that your partner does for you and wonder if you'll find a love like this again, you might not. You might find love that is true, faithful, and sincere. Love that is based on respect and care. This love where you are not the only one that matters is not the kind of love you want. It's definitely not something you want for the rest of your life. And if you're with someone who is seeing many other 'options', the relationship is bound to end sooner or later. Make it sooner and spare yourself more heartache.

You Really Do Deserve Better

Tell yourself this every day. Remind yourself that you don't deserve to feel insecure because someone else can't see your value. You don't have to be lonely and sad because your partner would rather be with someone else tonight. You can find someone who will place you first. Someone who will choose you and only you.

You don't have to be someone else's option, you can be someone's only choice because you are worth it. This is true even if you don't always see that. You can find a loving and caring relationship. One that won't leave you feeling empty, but happy and fulfilled.