Be Thankful To The Rude People You Meet

be thankful to the rude people you meet

Nice to meet you rude people.

Thank you for always being a reminder of how not to be.

Thank you for your hate, your jealousy, your envy.

Thanks to you rude people I find my inner strength that I couldn't ever imagined I had.

Helping people and see them doing better is priceless. Some people will stay forever in our lives. And others, we just have to accept they only enter our lives as a temporary happiness. Their love, their joy, their smile will empower us every single day.


However, crossing the paths of bad people is a hard test. They will try to ruin your life without any reason. They will turn into demons and destroy you physically and mentally. It hurts like hell when they succeed, but you can always be back on your feet. The only reason you got caught in their trap is that you always see the good in people. It is what has you all messed up in the first place. You ignore or don't want to see the red flags.


Don't ever feel guilty for helping or crossing the paths of their ugly hearts. They just show you who they really are. You have to accept that some shitty people do exist and you will, unfortunately, meet them in your life. So be thankful to the rude people you meet because they test your patience. And without knowing, they will bring you the inner strength that you didn't know you could have.


Someday you will forget the hardship and the pain people caused you. You will get stronger than ever. You will learn how to grow and face adversity with smartness.