Be Proud Of Who You Are, Strong Women Can't Be Controlled

Be Proud Of Who You Are, Strong Women Can’t Be Controlled

This probably sounds like a broken record: you meet the perfect guy and the dates are going well. Soon enough, you are warming up to the idea of him sticking around.

And then, out of nowhere, everything goes to hell.

He doesn't answer calls, respond to messages or nothing. He's gone! Vanished!

You Have Just Been Ghosted By Someone You Thought Was "The One"

Sorry to break it to you, but this happens a lot. And I am not saying that to diminish what you are going through.

But today, I want us to look into how you should react to such treatments.

First, understand that a man who leaves didn't realize how much you are worth. He was never worth it. You fell for an immature man.

You lost nothing. But he lost everything.

Avoid the temptation to think something was wrong with you. You are not driving men away. You are just letting in men who don't really belong. That's all.

So, move on. Don't waste your time trying to figure out everything that transpired. It will never make sense because a man with sense would never have done what he did.

Many Women Think The Man Will Come Back, And They Strongly Believe He Should

This is a complete waste of time.

You should spend that time having fun with other men. Men that are worthy of your attention and all that you have to offer. Because let's be honest, you are quite the catch.

But when you send dozens of messages and leave countless voicemails, you are doing yourself a lot of injustice. If he is not interested, don't be interested. You are wasting your time and resources and tormenting your heart with false hopes.

If At All You Are A Strong Woman, Letting Go Should Be Easy

You should even consider it another victory against a jerk who would have wasted a lot more of your precious time.

Pick a man who makes you a priority. And if the guy leaves, don't hand him your dignity as a parting gift by going after him with all you've got.

So, stop with all the phone calls and messages.

Yes, you will feel bad for a few days, and that's okay, and it's normal. We all have emotions and feelings and they have to come out sometimes.

But also take this time to remind yourself that there are plenty of other guys out there.

Also, don't forget that the guy who truly belongs will stick it out no matter what. You will have no reason to worry about him leaving. He'll be the one worried about losing you because he will know your true worth.

Strong Women Make The Hard Decisions

As a strong woman, you pull the plug on relationships that are headed nowhere. You leave when you feel underappreciated and undervalued.

If he stops making an effort, you move on to other things. When the man is not into the relationship, you accept that and move on. You don't force things to the point where the man can't take it anymore and disappears unexpectedly.

And when you leave, you don't have to skirt around the issue. Explain clearly why things would never work out.

Just thank him for your time together and let him understand that you don't want the relationship. Wish him all the best and that's it.

When You Are A Strong Woman, You Believe There Is Someone Out There For You

Any man who is half-assing the relationship does not get a chance to waste any more of your time.

When things end, you don't bother so much with the answers he might have for this behavior. Let go of your obsession with closure.

After all, many guys are not really into explaining their decisions. Besides, emotional decisions are tough to explain, you know that. How many guys have you had to blow off and couldn't give them a reason why?

A lot, right?

So, Find The Strength To Move On, With Or Without Explanations

Focus on the future and let go of your past. You are a strong woman, and you have a beautiful future ahead of you. Focus on that and not the jerks who have been wasting your precious time with nonsense.

Strong women know their true love would never let them go. If he left, it's because he didn't belong. Wait for someone who does.