Be Brave Enough To Leave When You Have Nothing Left To Hold On To

Be Brave Enough To Leave When You Have Nothing Left To Hold On To

Sometimes, the hardest part of a relationship comes when we have to say goodbye to our partners. Most people choose to hold on to a toxic person even when it's clear the relationship can't be salvaged. There is no shame in leaving someone who has nothing more to bring to the table. What you need in such a situation is the bravery to pack your bags and walk away without a single regret. I know how scary it can be to walk into an uncertain situation, but acknowledging that it's time to step out could prove to be beneficial to both parties. Trust me; whenever you lose an opportunity, there is another one waiting for you ahead!

What is the reason behind the dumb decision that most of us make? Why do we as human beings tend to prioritize the needs of a selfish partner while pushing our own interests to the back? Why don't we leave a relationship when it's clear that this is the only rational course of action we are left with? Well, the reason is that we are afraid of the impending imbalance in our lives brought by the new territory that we find ourselves in. The thought of leaving someone you thought you loved and giving up on a relationship you've invested so much emotional effort in can be heartbreaking.

The other reason is that we are afraid of breaking social norms. We don't want to be victimized by society and being labeled names such as "cheater" and "immoral." This is even though only you know that there was nothing positive you were getting from the relationship anymore.

Parting with a person you made yourself believe indeed was your soul mate can be devastating, but it is definitely better than being in a derogatory position where even your well-being is compromised. Letting go is something that has to come about in all aspects of life. Just because it seems painful and uncertain, this shouldn't mean that people avoid it. Sometimes, that change might end up being the best decision you ever made.

There is no bigger mistake than staying with a person when you have lost all the incentive to be there. It is good to listen to what your heart is telling you. Don't force it to be in a place it will continue to bleed from all the emotional abuse you are exposing yourself to. Take a chance and rebuild your life again; it may seem hard at first, but you'll get the hang of it as time goes on. Sometimes you have to get lost to find where you are going. Better yet, you'll have the opportunity to explore and discover new things as you search for the right way.

We only live once! It would be unfair to waste your only life on someone who has clearly moved on from cherishing your company and treating you like you deserve. It's not good for your self-esteem or your health. Get out and find something that will restore the life in your spirit. We all deserve to be happy!

Remember that true happiness can only come from within and you own the monopoly to your happiness. Don't ever allow someone to dictate how you feel. Find the courage to leave if you feel there is nothing more to hold on to.