Be Alone Until You Meet Someone Who Cares About You And Does These 8 Things

Be Alone Until You Meet Someone Who Cares About You And Does These 8 Things

True love is not something you'll come across by merely swiping right on your phone's dating app. It's is a very rare thing, especially when you consider the materialistic world we exist in today. Genuine love is well-scripted by the author of love; and will fill not only all of your wants but also your needs. If you are at that point in life where you are searching for a soulmate, you may want to exercise patience and wait for the right person to come around. Look out for the following traits in a person who truly cares about you before you decide to fall in love.

1. Be with someone who fights for you

Don't settle for someone who will give up on you or allow you to give up on them easily; even when all the odds seem to be against the two of you. Find someone who will fight for your relationship with all their might. Someone who grabs ahold of you tightly and reassures you with strength and courage that they are not going anywhere.


2. Find a person that embraces your ugly side

Look for someone who won't lose their feelings for you when they get to know your not so good side; a person that asks to know about your deepest and darkest secrets with no intention of leaving your side. Wait for that individual who kisses every flaw on your body and mind without regretting their choices when those imperfections confront them.

3. Avoid people who are just looking to sleep with you


Be aware of busybodies who seem to be in a hurry to get in bed with you. Instead, wait for one who wants to kiss you into a romantic trance and embrace you tightly in their cozy arms. A true lover wants to make you as happy as it is humanly possible and is not afraid to show their adoration towards you. Not pull down your pants the first chance they get!

4. Find someone who you fight with and resolve issues

Don't be worried when you argue and fight with your lover. True love has its ups and downs. The two of you can have an ugly disagreement, but at the end of the day, the bond between you gets deeper and stronger. Don't feel shunned by someone who gets into an argument with you because they genuinely care about you and want the best for you.

5. Look for someone that lights up your life


Find someone who gives you life when you are in their presence and makes you see the world for the great place that it is. Someone who makes you want to pursue your wildest dreams and makes you feel you can do anything you want.

6. Wait for someone who makes you laugh

Look for a person that won't hesitate to put a smile on your face. Even on a gloomy day when your spirit is at its lowest, they still find a way to make you feel like the "life of the party."


7. Stay single until you find someone who demonstrates true love

Wait for someone who will exceed all your expectations of what true love is. In them, you see all the manifestations of real love and learn to understand that love is truly a beautiful thing.

8. Look for a person who could easily break your heart, but wouldn't dare

Find someone who pictures their future with you and is not after a one night stand or a friend with benefits; a person who will share with you their dreams, secrets, and vulnerabilities because they are in the relationship for the long haul.