Be A Mom, Don't Quit

Be A Mom, Don’t Quit

A bond between a mother and a daughter should be special, unique. It is one of the purest loves in a lifetime. It is also a special connection that lasts forever, a sense of trust that can't be broken.

She was only 16 years old when she thought to enjoy life meant parties, drinking, smoking, or leaving school. She was raised by a loving mother, but her father was really violent. Did her father's violence make her the cold-hearted person she is today? Nobody taught this teenager the love, the respect, the self-confidence she needed in her life. Nobody told her to study hard at school and be a strong independent woman. She got pregnant at 16. She tried to live with her boyfriend, but it never worked. I guess they were too young at this time also too immature. After this, she decided to live at her parent's house.

Don't give up on your children

One day when her daughter was 3 years old, she decided not to be a mother anymore. She contacted the father, signed the papers, left her daughter to him, and she never looked back. You can't be a healthy mother and give up on your child like they were toys you throw in the garbage whenever you were done with them. Reach for help if you feel like being a parent is hard sometimes, but don't give up on your kids. You will always find somebody to encourage you and give you the right advice.

9 years later, I asked this woman how is Angelina doing? She replied she was fine and she lives with her father. I falsely believed her. Afterward, I learned the kid was caught by the CPS, trying to find food in the garbage. I felt sick to my stomach. I told the sister to take care of her niece. She said she couldn't because she doesn't know how this child can be in her head (meaning mentally disturbed or not)! Really? I couldn't believe what I've just heard. it is your niece do something about it!!!

Your child should be your priority

She never wanted to have her daughter back. All of a sudden, she became a cold-hearted person, the worst one I've ever known as a parent. I will never understand this kind of woman. She was sleeping well, eating well while her own daughter was left with a drugged up father and an empty stomach. This kid tried to find food in the garbage! How can you live your life knowing your own daughter's been through hell? How can this woman not be hurt?

The grandmother, who truly loved this kid, passed away and never knew about the hell her granddaughter lived. Yes, this grandmother tried to protect her, but she couldn't go against the law. One day she told me to look for her. I thought she meant to see if she was ok. How could I keep this promise knowing this little heart has been adopted? I tried to look for her, but nowhere to be found. I'm not a relative, so I have no rights.

Live life to the fullest. Enjoy your life like it is your last day. I hear those lines all the time, but take care of your kids first. A true parent would give their life and their very last breath for them. To be a parent is a full-time job, so be a Mom, don't quit. A child is the biggest gift you can have. Don't destroy your kid's life because you didn't have a great childhood. You can't change the past, but learn from it and make a better present and future for your children and yourself.

To you, Angelina, I pray I could meet you one day. I wish I could tell you how much your grandmother loved you unconditionally. She used to tell me you looked like an angel when you were born. You must be 17 years old today and I know nobody can't erase the pain you lived. Nobody can't replace a mother's love you've missed, but I pray for you to be strong and happy with your new loving family.

Image Credit: Alissa Lara