Battle Rapper Ruins Opponent's Life By Exposing His Cheating To Fiancée In The Crowd

battle rapper ruins opponent’s life by exposing his cheating to fiancée in the crowd

Rap battles are entertaining, witty, and often even brutal. It's like watching a car crash, and one of the most memorable battles happened over eight years ago. We're still recovering!

If you're a fan of 8 Mile or similar movies, you have a specific image of rap battles. But, it's far less creative and way darker than the film let us see. The battle between American rapper Caustic and British Jefferson Price is a history in hip hop culture for all the wrong reasons.


The historical third round

battle rapper ruins opponent's life by exposing his cheating to fiancée in the crowd
battle rapper ruins opponent's life by exposing his cheating to fiancée in the crowd

The battle took place in the UK's Don't Flop league and lasted for three rounds. Californian Caustic used his third round to tell the world that Price had been running around Britain betraying his wife with battle rap groupies.

Caustic was unsympathetic. He clarified in his next Don't Flop battle that "if he didn't want to get exposed, he should probably cheat on his wife better."

Jefferson Price was aware of Caustic's final verse, asked him to change it, and he agreed. Only, he didn't, and that's why we're still talking about this rap battle many years later.


Luckily, we can still watch it on YouTube while analyzing how Price's face just dropped as soon as he realized what was going on.

We do have some sympathy for the cheater. Since the battle, Price stopped doing what he loved and closed his social media accounts.

Battle rap is a community with one goal: to support rising stars. Just like Comedy Central Roast, Don't Flop turns into a nightmare in a splash.


Here's a reminder of what went down back in 2012, and watch as Price's face drops around 17:12!

The verse that changed it all

If you don't speak rap, which most of us don't, here's how Caustic flored Price:

"So he f**ks random strippers, he's a hell of a guy
So ladies, next time you get approached by Jefferson Price
Why don't you tell him to go home and try fucking on his heavyset wife?
I don't even get how you sleep at the end of the night
I honestly hope every last sperm inside your testicles dies
So stop running around England like you some sexual prize
And deal with the fact that you got to sleep next to that fat bitch for the rest of your life
He begged me not to do this, but honestly this bitch deserves it
And the only thing I learned about England is never spit your verses for that fu**ing snitch Micky Worthless
Yo, if your wife still says "I do" to you after this verse, then she's fu**ing high on drugs
But remember this while you're writing your vows kid:
You can't put a price on love."