bath and body works is selling a bat candle holder that’ll also hold your soaps and fragrances

The Bath & Body Works stores always feel like a vacation for our senses.

At least, your eyes and nose are thriving while you're overwhelmed by the thought of which body lotion to pick next. They're enjoying it to the fullest, so keep going with your sniff and admire it.

Their stores indeed smell and look fantastic. And we all know how inviting this can be, especially when there is some cool new stuff that could find a wide range of use in our homes.

Not Just An Ordinary Store

Bath And Body Works Is Selling A Bat Candle Holder That'll Also Hold Your Soaps And Fragrances
bath and body works is selling a bat candle holder that'll also hold your soaps and fragrances

The reason why we love stores such as Bath & Body Works is mainly the fact that their pampering offer is massive.

You could find everything for your bath and shower, starting from body lotions to shampoos and body scrubs.

There is no doubt that your pampering game could stay strong with a little help from your Bath & Body Works friends.

But that's not everything this store could give to you.

They're constantly expanding their offers above and beyond their limits so that you could pull off the whole spa ritual experience in the comfort of your home. And to help you loosen up after a long, stressful day.

Candles, essential oils, pillow mists, and many more from which you could choose, depending on your mood.

And when we're talking about moods, you should know that they have something which might catch your attention. If you're a Halloween lover, then this is something you need to have at your home.

A Purple Winged Bat With Two Fierce Fangs, Ready To Hold Your Soaps And Candles

While it's more than clear how real bats are not everybody's cup of tea, who would say no to a cute soap holder shaped like a bat?

At first glance, this certainly sounds like a Halloween warm-up, so make sure to check out the new item in your nearest Bath & Body Works store.

It's a purple winged bat, and it looks too cute. Apparently, they wanted to spice up this guy's look and decided to give him a bit edgy note by adding two fangs.

And if you're still wondering how you would use it, please don't. Because you know the drill: if it fits, it sits!

Feel free to be creative with this cute little item. You could use the purple bat as a candle holder. It could also hold your soap, body lotion, keys, or some jewelry. The sky is your limit, and the range of your options is as wide as the world.

Hurry up and visit your Bath & Body Works store, or order it online.