Bartender Requests Customers Leave If They Haven't Tipped At Least 40%

A bartender's actions were caught on camera, causing mixed reactions, as they were heard telling customers to 'leave the establishment' if they failed to tip at least 40 percent.

After Jordan, a resident of Rockford, Illinois, shared a viral video on TikTok, it quickly gained popularity with over 4 million views.

@jsauce527, a well-known TikToker, has gained popularity for consistently entertaining his 17,000 followers with energetic dances and amusing impersonations.

The video captures the bartender visibly frustrated, urging the remaining customers to depart as it was already 2 am and they were eager to get the hell out of there and head home.

The bartender appeared to address customers who were not leaving 40 percent tips on their orders, as well as those who were not romantically involved with the bar staff, making their pleas known.

The bartender said: 'If you're not f*****g the bartenders or tipping 40 per cent, get the f*** out of the bar. It is two o'clock and I'm ready to go the f*** home.'

'Get out!' continued the bartender.

The video has ignited a heated online debate, with contrasting opinions. Some argue that the bartender's behavior was unwarranted, considering that a 40 percent tip is considered excessively high.

On the other hand, there are those who support the bartender's approach, considering it a necessary measure to ensure customers departed promptly and allowed the staff to go home and get some rest.

One person wrote: "Everyone saying 40 per cent is ridiculous, that's the point. They want you to leave."

Another agreed: "In many bars and restaurants when it hits closing, the store makes no money and the workers might not get paid for overtime. They want to go home."

Contradicting this view, someone else wrote: "I'd leave no tip after that."

Another added: "I wouldn't leave a tip after that and there would be absolutely no consequences because it's my money."

And another said: "I thought 20 per cent was good now 40 per cent, and someone yelling complaining."

The video comes in the wake of a comparable incident in Texas, where a bottle girl sparked divided opinions online by sharing a secret tip for service staff to secure tips from frugal customers.

Kat Busch, an experienced bottle girl of four years, recently took to TikTok to unveil her clever strategy for guaranteeing a generous influx of tips from patrons.

In contrast to the UK, where service charge is often perceived as an optional addition to the bill, diners in the US are typically expected to contribute an average of 15 to 20 percent of the meal's cost as a tip, and even more—over 20 percent—for exceptional service.

The video sparked a division of opinions, prompting numerous service staff members to come to the woman's defense in the comments, while others cautioned about the potential risks of following her advice.

Kat said: "Zero Dollar tip – no problem. Let me tell you how to resolve that. My name's Kat I've been in the service industry for four years and I've only had this happen to me a handful of times."

"If they haven't left yet, walk up to whoever paid in front of everyone and say, "Hey sir or ma'am, I see you didn't leave a tip, is there anything I can improve on the service that you feel like you could share with me?""

"Nine times out of 10 they're going to make some excuse like, "Oh, it was a mistake, oh I didn't see the receipt," and they're going to give you some kind of tip, a couple of bucks here and there."

In the event of the worst-case scenario, the woman shared a valuable insight on how both parties could depart with valuable lessons.

According to her, even if customers don't leave a monetary tip, they might offer valuable feedback to enhance your service, allowing you to earn more money in the long term.

Another tip for waitstaff is to approach the manager and inquire about removing lower-cost items, like sodas, from a larger bill, ensuring that the saved amount goes directly to the server.

"If the tab was really high I would explain to your manager the situation to see if maybe they could comp off like a soda or something so at least you made a couple dollars off of it and you don't have to tip out in the negative," she explained.

"Short story is just confront them. This is for like a sit down restaurant or like bottle service, this is not really for bartenders. If you're a bartender and someone zero-dollar tips you, I would just take forever to serve them again."

Not all servers shared the same sentiment, as many expressed concerns about the potential consequences of confronting a customer in their place of work.